Who’s Going To Emerge in the Ducks Secondary Next Year?


Spring practices highlight several key aspects that every team looks forward to. For the Ducks, when this time comes around, they will be replacing pivotal positions that were filled by players who are either off to the NFL or continuing their football career elsewhere. This will allow current players on the football team to prove to their coaches and fellow teammates that they are ready to fill a vacant position. The memories of last season have faded and we now need to focus on what the future will bring. Although there are other important questions that Oregon will need to figure out during spring practices, one under-rated facet will be the Duck secondary.

Last season, Oregon’s secondary was put under the command of defensive coordinator Don Pellum. During the beginning of the season, fans and football analysts started to doubt the system that Pellum was using in each game. However, as the players became more familiar with his philosophy and defensive schemes, they performed much more efficiently. Some notable defensive Ducks who won’t be on the secondary next year are Erick Dargan, All-American CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB Troy Hill, DE Arik Armstead and LB Tony Washington.

Last season, Dargan lead the Ducks in tackles and the Pac-12 in interceptions. On top of that, he was a true leaders that younger class men looked up too.

David Pyles

Last season, Dargan lead the Ducks in tackles and the Pac-12 in interceptions. On top of that, he was a true leaders that younger class men looked up too.

There are other crucial defensive Oregon players who were part of the 2014-2015 roster, but these are the Ducks that stood out the most last season. Obviously, the Oregon coaching staff has their hands full in terms of finding viable replacements for these vacant spots on the secondary. Players such as Washington and Dargan served as leaders and were pivotal in tough defensive stretches against great offensive teams.

Individuals such as freshman defensive back Chris Seisay have shown their talents on the field last season and will be proving themselves worthy of a starting position during spring practices. Plus, 5-star recruit Canton Kaumatule will certainty be a high-impact player if he can earn the starting role at DE. Last season it was evident that the Ducks weren’t the best of the best in Pac-12 pass defense. However, next season is a new year and a brand new start with a fresh secondary eager to make a statement to Duck and college football fans. Once spring practices are in full swing in April, it will become clear who may step up in the Duck secondary.

Top Photo by David Pyles

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Austin Willhoft

Austin Willhoft

Hey! My name is Austin Willhoft and I'm currently a freshman at the University of Oregon studying Journalism. I lived my whole life down in sunny and beautiful Laguna Beach, CA where I completed all of my prior education. I always have been into sports writing/reporting mostly due to the fact that I love watching, analyzing, and playing all kinds of sports. However, if I were to narrow it down between two sports, it would be basketball and football, both of which I played heavily in high school. I'm thrilled to be working for FishDuck.com and most importantly being a third generation to attend the UO. Sko Ducks!

  • SOD

    Ok…I don’t usually do this, but that was a total waste of time. The article had NO information in it (new OR old) concerning players to look for in next year’s secondary (what does a mention of Kaumatule have to do with the secondary?) and – except for a brief comment about Seisay – doesn’t even mention a returning player in that unit.

    Come on, guys…I KNOW you can do better than that.

    • MfgMan

      Agreed. Austin, why not break down who is competing for what spots in the secondary. Who redshirted last year? What recruits might crack the starting lineup?

    • Godux

      Like SOD, I have come to anticipate clicks to Fishduck to be some of my best choices. At least I assume that is what he means in his opening. Also, I share his disappointment. I don’t look for filler here.
      Someone not familiar with the Ducks might have gotten a decent introduction to what to look for next year. For anyone who has been following them, a few precious minutes have been wasted. I kept reading with the thought this was the introduction to an informative article.
      I appreciate your early effort, Austin, but someday you will look back, like I do at a lot of stuff I wrote when I was your age, and ask yourself “What the hell was I doing?”. Not time to give up; your writing is not bad, but time to study your audience, your subject, and what you can add to a lot of stuff that is and will be out there in regard to Duck sports.
      You are a frosh. Maybe connect with some of you your fellow freshman who are there on football or basketball scholarships and begin to know them. With twitter, physical presence on campus, and a great journalism program to mine, you got some good opportunity.
      Stay with it but realize you have a way to go.

      • SOD

        Godux…can I have you write my messages from now on? You nailed what I was thinking, added a lot more to it than I envisioned, and did it in a wonderfully smooth manner.

        Thank you.


    WOW why so harsh I mean were still talking Duck Football and it’s only March! Ease up SOD nobody’s perfect like you seem to be OH maybe your from the 247 site where there’s a bunch of people that say the same classless comments as you!

  • Geez Guys!

    He IS a freshman learning, and has written some excellent articles for us…but sometimes when writers get stuck and have a deadline? They give us a “blah-blah” article.

    He knows it (he got the message after the first comment) and feels bad and resolves to do better. Do keep in mind that our charge to writers is “inform and entertain” as we want to learn something from each article and have it be a fun read. (This is what I personally want from reading articles…so this is what we strive for)

    This is also on the Editors for letting it past; we are not to publish “blah-blah” articles any longer, and we are much better about that now than before. We will continue to work hard at as Editors and improve–as we have some goals with this to achieve.

    Finally–do remember that it IS a volunteer site; we all have full-time school and work and do not have the extra time for editing or writing as someone who is paid to sit there and do it. I think we do pretty well for a volunteer site, and I believe that the vast majority of the nearly 200 articles published every month are good…but even at 2% dud-rate, of which would be good for a volunteer site–that is still four “blah-blah” articles in a month.

    I would hope that people remember the other 98%….

    Finally….this actually is awesome for me. It is one thing for ME to insist on quality, but now our readers are! I am glad we have raised the bar on ourselves, and don’t mind being called out on it.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. We’ll get better!