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    Game Planning for STOPPING Oregon’s Spread Offense Attack

    Stephanie Baldwin Coaches are often asked the formula for stopping a Spread Offense such as Oregon’s high scoring attack.  There is no formula for defending a Spread Offense.  If you ever hear a football fan say, “You can stop the Spread Offense by, “(Insert Blustering …

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  • How to Defend Oregon’s Power Read Option

    Option football has evolved so much in the last decade that it has become hard to keep up as defensive coaches. Offensive coordinators are constantly finding new ways to neutralize our best football players by reading them, instead of blocking them. Starting with the Triple …

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  • The Coach’s Corner: Defending the Zone Read

    A note from FishDuck.com: Today we have a unique treat, this article from a highly successful college coach gives an inside perspective football fans don’t get to see, the direct perspective of the coach. We encourage other coaches that are interested in possibly writing guest …

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