Author: Sean Goodbody

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Offseason Stat-Plosion: The Team Efficiency Index

It’s 2013, and statistics are ubiquitous in college football: yards per play, 3rd down conversion rate, points per game, defensive efficiency, time of possession, attractiveness of fake girlfriends, turnover margin, blah blah blah blah.   We’ve got all kinds of “objective” statistical methods...

SEC “Footbaw” Doesn’t Add Up 24

SEC “Footbaw” Doesn’t Add Up

Over in EssEeeSee country, the “company line” is that the Pac-12, chock-full of spread-offenses and speed-based defenses, is full of sissies. Yeah, I said it, sissies. The Pac-12 “powers” can beat each other with “finesse” and “systems,” but when they...