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    A Real Pain in the Pass

    How do the Ducks stop 1,200 pounds of defensive muscle with exceptional speed from crushing our quarterback?  What are the tactics to stop blitzes?  It is only fitting to give some recognition to the big boys up front, since this is not an easy assignment. …

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    Paralysis By Analysis: The Running Game’s Impact on the Passing Game

    Have you ever wondered why Oregon’s offense is so successful?  There are a multitude of reasons, but one that we are going to look at today is how the running and passing game form such a wonderful marriage.  It is no secret that we have …

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    Special Teams Analysis: In the Blink of an Eye

        As you know we Duck fans did not have much to cheer for when it came to kickoff returns for touchdowns this year, or kick off returns in general.  It is very frustrating when we have such explosive players back there such as De’Anthony …

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    Special Teams Analysis: It Starts With A Kick!

    Let’s face it – the game we love to watch and learn about starts with a position that we love to hate and hate to love, and that’s the kicker.  The kicker is rarely thought of unless the game comes down to the final seconds and …

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    Oregon Special Teams Analysis: Swinging What?

    How does Oregon get so many two point conversions?   We have a variety of plays that we have used over the years on extra points, and the Swinging Gate Formation is just one of the reasons Oregon puts the “Special” in special teams.  In every …

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