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    Let’s Have a Barbecue!

    Three days of good weather in a row has brought the smell of barbecue into my yard.  And that’s a good thing.  Eating is more than something that I do to fuel the body and stay alive.  It’s an art form and a never-ending quest. …

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    MUST WATCH Oregon Football in 2013

    Practices are about to start at Oregon, and the season is just over a month away.  I have been driving myself crazy with anticipation for this year.  It got me thinking about which games I am most excited for.  Which games are the “must watch” …

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    Chip and the Eagles: Attack Like Navy Seals

    Chip Kelly’s first training camp hits full stride today, which is exciting, but it started Monday for rookies and selected veterans like center Jason Kelce, new tight end James Casey, and the quarterbacks. If you want a sense of whether veterans are buying in to …

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    A Fischer Decision: College Football or Racing?

    How many of us armchair QBs would have loved to have had the talent to play college football? Imagine my surprise to watch a FISCHER excel at high school football, be wooed by colleges, and then listen to the juicy stories that accompany the recruiting …

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    Sports Medicine: What’s the Impact of Fish Oil?

    In this article, we will explore fish oil and Vitamin B-12 dietary supplements. We include a great deal of well-researched up-to-date medical information about the fish oil you may take, so that you can use it to get the most out of it, while using …

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    Sports Medicine: Supplements for the Rest of Us

    In Part 4b and in following articles in this series about Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements, we will explore dietary supplements used less often by athletes to improve performance. In addition, many non-athletes use these as well. We include a great deal of well-researched up-to-date …

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    Recruiting Update: Height of a Giant, Wings of a Condor

    Football Recruiting Commitments Oregon’s newest coaching hire, defensive line front man Ron Aiken, is wasting no time in assembling a venerable commit list. This past Monday saw the addition of defensive end Jalen Jelks (3-Star/Phoenix, Ariz.) to the Duck fold and further reinforced Oregon’s commitment …

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  • Oregon-Georgetown Showdown Big For Both Schools

    Featured image courtesy of Kevin Cline. The Oregon Ducks will once again support the troops, but this time it will be on the hardwood instead of the gridiron, this time in the Armed Forces Classic. The second installment of the classic is a part of …

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    Will the Civil War Be Played in the Dark?

    Their presence on television may be dissipating, but you still see them every once in a while.  No, I’m not referring to Huskies football games in primetime, I’m talking about the memorable series of DirecTV ads that have run over the last year trashing on …

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    One Drive-By Gives Idea Of Oregon’s Future

    Yesterday I found myself in the Eugene for the first time in months, friends and family gathering to make some memories on a warm summer weekend. We had plans to make our way to “The Bite of Eugene”, the annual summer festival taking place at …

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