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BCS Week 11: The Game of Leapfrog Continues

Kevin Cline Half of the nation’s top-10 teams were idle this weekend, but Florida State made sure the BCS standings stayed in flux with their convincing win over undefeated Miami.  It was an exciting calm before this week’s highly-anticipated storm of elite...

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Troll Week: Presented by Stanford

Wikimedia Commons In the modern lexicon, there isn’t a word that reveals one’s level of online presence better than the word “troll.”  (For those unfamiliar with the term, check out Wikipedia’s page on the subject.  If you are still unclear...

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Sports Medicine: What Happens With Ankle Sprains?

commons.wikimedia The ankle ligamentous sprain injury is the most common single type of acute sport trauma.  Over the years, various preventive strategies have been implemented. However, a recent epidemiology revealed that ankle sprain injuries still dominated in sport injury, as...