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  • Life After Graduation

    Early Monday morning, thousands of nervously excited University of Oregon seniors dawned their dark green gowns, caps, variously colored sashes, tassels, and chords. While some made their way directly to Johnson Hall at the center of campus, others (myself included) met at the local drinking …

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  • Recruiting Update: Oregon Looking to add “Rolls Royce”

    Football Recruiting Eugene NFTC Held earlier this month, the Eugene Nike Football Training Camp continues to pour out revelations. Vaunted tailback Royce Freeman (4-Star/Imperial, Calif./Rivals250) could be ever closer to pledging his commitment to the Ducks after an impressive showing that garnered him praise from …

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  • Could a True Sophomore Redshirt This Year?

      True freshman make it on to the field every season in college football and just about every team finds one that they expect to become a big impact player.  Barring injuries or off-the-field issues, many of those players find themselves a starting position by …

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  • A Duck in Florida: Streaks, Malls, and the TSA’s Role in Recruiting

    Third.  Fourth.  Second.  Those have been Oregon’s rankings in the final AP college football polls the last three seasons.  Three consecutive years of top four finishes are impressive for any school – Oregon is only school with a current streak that length – but what …

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  • US Open Failures Remind Us That Nothing Is Guaranteed

    Last weekend, as the world watched Phil Mickelson stumble to another second place finish in The U.S. Open at Merion, I couldn’t help but correlate his failures to a more local team. The squad that huffs, and puffs, but can never blow the house down. …

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  • Notes from around the college football nation: Manziel leaving college station and Athletes are about to get paid

    It seems like right now all we have to look forward to is hearing about lawsuits involving the NCAA and a few select schools.  We are also hearing more reports of coaches trash talking one another, recruits committing to schools (even though they will flip …

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  • Why Kickers Deserve a Break

    Kickers might be the most polarizing athletes in all of sports.  Their only job is to kick the football between two goal posts, often during the fourth quarter when games are close, so the results of their kicks leave room for two possible narratives;  If …

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  • Isn’t it Just About Time for My Happy Dance?

    Every week, as I approach the time to talk to you folks, I wish for just two things.  I wish for the conclusion of the NCAA investigation,   and for the beginning of my happy dance     with full knowledge that at my age …

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  • Snoop Desean

    Chip, Nick, DeSean and Snoop Lion

    One of the interesting things about Chip Kelly taking over the Eagles is how connected this team is to the Pac-12. Consider the quarterback competition, which reporters back east can’t stop talking about, even though Duck fans know Kelly won’t make a decision until right …

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  • Sports Medicine: Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements

    In Part 3 of this series on Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements, we will explore some of the dietary supplements used by athletes to improve performance. Future articles will continue this discussion, as a full discussion of all of them would require a very long …

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