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    A Letter to the Assumers Out There: Assumptions Lead to Misconceptions

    As a student who has been here for four years coming up on his fifth, you wouldn’t believe the amount of horrible rumors and nonsense that I’ve heard — not just about the football players that we value so highly on the field, but any …

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    Should Athletes Be Allowed to Tweet?

    Being more up to date on sports news than someone else is one key feature that makes one fan more dedicated than the next.  ESPN, Bleacher Report and other media news resources are, and have been for many years the prime places to check when …

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    How would you like to be “THAT GUY” – the one who inspired Chip Kelly’s immortal words, “Hey, will you shut up?!” No? Well, it could be worse.  You could be “that guy” who single-handedly ended Oregon’s drive to the BCS Championship by taking out …

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