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  • KC2

    Ayele Forde: The Hidden Gem

    The Duck offense is one of the greatest in the nation, and their defense continuously backs it up year after year. But, there’s another part of the game that many of us either tend to forget or take for granted. You know it — special teams, baby! …

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    A Letter to the Assumers Out There: Assumptions Lead to Misconceptions

    As a student who has been here for four years coming up on his fifth, you wouldn’t believe the amount of horrible rumors and nonsense that I’ve heard — not just about the football players that we value so highly on the field, but any …

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  • Spring football game serves as showcase for Oregon backups

    Oregon’s spring football game is a chance for fans to see the Ducks play during the offseason, but it’s also a rare opportunity for some of Oregon’s players – the backups. The Ducks, of course, have utilized their backups multiple times in recent seasons due to blowout wins, but many of their appearances don’t come […]

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  • Autzen Entrance 14 Nicholls13KC

    Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: 2015 Class Size Prediction & Scholarship Breakdown

    While it seems like the 2014 class just signed their papers, the 2015 cycle is already well under way.  Two of the common questions early each year are: “How many scholarships are available?” and “How will those scholarships be used?” Using a method I’ve used …

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  • Byron Marshall 52 Washington State13CS

    Clarifying The Ducks’ Cluttered Backfield

    With an all-time top ten list featuring players like Derek Loville, Saladin McCullough, Reuben Droughns, Jonathan Stewart, LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner — the Oregon football program has always done well with running backs.  The way they have been used has evolved over the years, …

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    Who Picks up slack at RB if Tyner out?

    Kevin Cline  If Thomas Tyner is indeed injured and his ankle keeps him out of the lineup come opening weekend, Ayele Forde is the man who should get the carries left on the table.  No, the answer here isn’t to increase the number of carries …

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  • Who’s That Duck: Ayele Forde

    Who was that guy ripping down the field to make the tackle on special teams? Chances are it was senior Ayele Forde, a 5’7”, 183 lb. running back, who began his football career at Silverado High School down in Victorville, California.  Forde was a dominant player …

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