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Chip Kelly: Man or Myth

The unprecedented success of the last decade of Oregon football has attracted some of the nation’s most talented players and innovative coaches. For the Ducks, the point of no return was when Chip Kelly arrived, implementing a fresh, “Win the Day” philosophy that elevated...


A Touch of Frost and a Fiery Duck

Earlier in the week, Oregon Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost appeared as a guest writer for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on SI.com, giving the national media a rare view on the realities of Marcus Mariota. While he spent plenty...


Eagles’ Plans for Mariota Not So Far-Fetched

The “rumors” swirling around a Marcus Mariota–Chip Kelly reunion in Philadelphia are beginning to take shape. Sources surrounding the Eagles‘ organization are sensing that a power-play to grab the coveted former Oregon Ducks‘ quarterback is very real and that the Eagles are ”determined...