Before We Say Goodbye to the 2011-2012 Season…

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…acknowledgement needs to be made of the other Pac-12 teams’ performances in the bowl season.  From the stalwart efforts from the far north, to the sublime holiday submissions from the steamy deserts of the southwest the Pac-12 went far and wide to uphold the glory that is…West Coast football.  Returns were…mixed.

Arizona State played Boise State in something called the MAACO BOWL in Las Vegas.  An “Uh-Oh” joke here would be picking low hanging fruit, so I looked for something to commemorate Arizona State’s superb effort.  Sam Boyd Stadium was  Boise State’s yard all night long.  The Sun Devils responded with,


California played Texas in the BRIDGEPORT EDUCATION Holiday Bowl in San Diego.  You could say that they got schooled by the Hook Em’s, but sacked 6 times and turned over 5 times needs something a little more evocative than that.  California was,



The Washington Huskies, according to commentator Chris Spielman, set defense back 200 years with their, “After you good sir.” showing in the VALERO Alamo Bowl.  I will certainly remember the Alamo.  Washington serenaded their fans with this number,



The Utah Utes held up their end of the bargain in the HYUNDAI Sun Bowl.  As everyone knows, the only thing that a girl loves more than a football star is a WINNING football star in the prestigious Sun Bowl.  Utah’s 30-27 win over Georgia Tech led directly to the distribution of this valuable information on the flight home.


UCLA is…well, they’re just a mess.  They played Illinois in The We Don’t Have a Coach Bowl in San Francisco’s AT&T Park.  And they lost it.  Which summarizes how Bruin fans have felt ever since Rick Neuheisel came to campus as a coach.  The following footage was taken in Westwood after the Debacle by the Bay.



Stanford played Oklahoma State in the TOSTITOS Fiesta Bowl, immediately following The Rose Bowl.  Glendale was all agog over the matchup.  Stanford had more than one chance to win but they kicked it away…wide left.  Win or lose, um I guess lose, though Stanford only has one song to sing now.




So that wraps up one of the most memorable seasons in Pac-12 history.  Actually it wraps up the ONLY season in Pac-12 history.  So until…what? You thought I would end this without another peek at Pasadena?  Get outta town!!!




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