Happy New Years, Oregon’s Uni’s & My 2012 Predictions

FishDuck, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl, and while we all anxiously await kick off,  wanted to take a moment and give thanks for the year 2011 was.  We saw Oregon go 11-2. Think of that for a moment, 11-2, we are living in the Golden Era of Oregon Duck Football Fishy Ducks!! My parents, & grand parents and great grand parents would have never dreamed of seasons like this. Any ways, I am also thankful for Uncle Phil and Nike and what I has to be the best Oregon Uni’s to date. Which leads me into my first topic of this week.

The Oregon Uniforms for the 2012 Rose Bowl

So the 3 new tweaks we saw this season;

1) The Anthracite Grey/ Black w/ Volt Jerseys (Natty Alternate) & mat black helmets with theVlot yellow O

2) The Neon Green and yellow retro Jerseys with Duckie on the shoulder pads, although Duckie’s jersey with Coach Kelly on his pad was slightly cooler..

3) The white O on the Green Helmets for the Stanford Game.

Nothing has really change a whole lot in the winged design on the jersey’s since 2008 when Oregon debuted the black out jersey’s against Arizona, and nothing has changed in on the helmet since 2000 when the “O” was initially introduced on the helmets.

Well Thank you Uncle Phil and Todd Van Horn over at Nike for what they have came up with this year…. Not only did they entirely take the new jerseys to a whole new level of Oregon Football insane sickness….

They forged a new helmet from the depths of the Earth, dubbed “Liquid Metal” that makes its extremely hard to even photograph. Rumor has it that this helmet is made of a new element Uncle Phil discovered on his latest journey on the Death Star in a galaxy far far far away. The O moved to the back of the helmet, and on the sides knife like wings of death.

Again Nike has outdone themselves for their favorite school and put to shame Adidas pathetic attempt at competing, or Under Armor disgraceful travesty at Maryland…. Hurts to even look at really…


Now some purist Duck Fans might all grumble and complain about Nike changing the uniforms too much & blah blah blah…. Really? Are you really upset with that? Do you hate winning? Do you hate new recruits that can torch any defense? Well if you don’t and you enjoy all these winning seasons, they you really should understand something. We are playing our 3rd BCS Game in a row, 2nd in two years in LA (pretty decent spot to recruit athletes) and well momma didn’t raise no fool. If you have the edgiest uniforms, with a winning program, chances are you will effectively market yourself to 17 year old kids playing football in Southern California? Which brings me to my point, these uniforms were not created for the Duck Fan. They were created for the Duck Recruit, now that’s not to say I wouldn’t run out and buy myself a De’Anthony Thomas #6 Jersey in a heart beat. But Nike didn’t create a retail version for the Rose Bowl. (Although I am sure that will come)

Hate it or love it Duck fans Nike is here to stay. Part of that is staying competitive, marketable, and being edgy. I for one love seeing winning seasons, and I love Oregon being trend setters in offense, and well apparel. We are the elite of the elite when it comes to facilities, uniforms, and after our 38-21 victory today against the Cheese Badgers, we will take that next step on a National level as an elite Football Program.

Moving right along into my 2nd & final topic for this week, looking ahead to 2012 I am going to make some rather bold predictions…

1) Oregon will have again a top national recruiting class
2) Oregon will enter the pre season in the top 3
3) Oregon will run the table in the regular season, and play USC for PAC12 Championship at Auzten Stadium. (Quite possibly could have an undefeated USC team facing an undefeated Oregon team, for a showdown for who plays for the Natty, if the PAC12 doesn’t schedule SC & Oregon during the regular season. Fingers crossed for that!!)
4) Oregon will beat Oklahoma for the 2013 National Championship

Duck Fans enjoy the Rose Bowl, get home safe and as always….


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