How we found Beavs and Dawgs on St. Pat’s Day

It’s over. St. Patrick’s Day, that is. You can put away the green beer now, Corvallis and Seattle.

Before it gets any worse.

We know what you were up to. We saw you.

Our crack photographers, hired just for the occasion, spent a solid 12 hours Saturday documenting the Secret Lives of Beavers and Huskies.

We now know you wear green. Kelly green. Plenty of it.

And do all kinds of Weird and Strange things.

What follows is a smattering of the images we came back with. The others we are holding until Larry Scott gives us the OK. But be warned: If you bleed orange or purple, stop here and take several more Advil.

Washington assistant coach and top recruiter Tosh Lupoi, wearing green and seated in back of his new boat, watches as a high school recruit water skis Saturday on Lake Washington. Piloting the boat is head coach Steve Sarkisian. "You watch for the NCAA and I'll reel them in," Lupoi said.

Four Oregon State students serenade Beaver coach Mike Riley on Saturday outside his house. Riley came outside and thanked the lads, adding, "Green it is. I can't imagine a more natural color and one that does a better job of representing this great state of Oregon."

Former Oregon State quarterback Ryan Katz models an Irish drinking hat, complete with an old-fashioned "O" emblazoned on front. Said Katz, now at San Diego State after abandoning OSU in a huff, "Casey Matthews isn't stlll playing, is he?"

Don James --- the "Dawgfather" --- always changes colors on St. Paddy's Day. Here he is pictured shortly after being told the Oregon Ducks are forecast to win the next five Pac-12 football championships.






























It wasn't a happy St. Pat's Day for Gonzaga, which fell in the second round of the NCAA tourney to Ohio State. But coach Mark Few rallied his troops afterwards by pointing out the obvious. "Our program is as solid as a rock. Why, back in 2008, we won as many football games as the Washington Huskies."


















In Corvallis, Oregon State students spent Saturday giving their lovely campus sheep a distinct shade of green --- with highlights.

In Seattle, the mood was buoyant and it wasn't just green beer at work. "The Dawgs will win their fifth or sixth national championship next season," said this guy, as he strolled along Pike Street.


The scene from Corvallis: "Hey, I'm Irish, but I ain't eating anymore of that Reser potato salad."

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