Ducks and the Silver Screen

Sunday night is America’s Night at the Movies.  It’s the night when glamour meets art and Tommy Lee Jones celebrates with the industry that made him rich.

Nothing Says “Festive” Quite Like This


A look at some of the best picture nominees:

Silver Linings Playbook:  This movie is about a young man who comes unhinged at a football game.  We wouldn’t know anyone like that.


Life of Pi:  I don’t want to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it.  Pi is either a kid, a tiger, a boat, or a dessert that needs ice cream in order to be valid.

This dessert has been ruled incomplete.


But when I was in school, pi was 3.14159265358979, otherwise known as the percentage chance that the Huskies will beat us in the upcoming football season.


May I Show You to Your Seat, Mr. Price?


Lincoln:  An epic saga of how one visionary leader, along with other like-minded people of good faith and noble intent, led a group of people out of the depths of bondage, sadness, and grief.


Phil Knight


AMOUR:  Yes we do.


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