Out of the Desert, But Can He Teach Shakespeare?

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Out of the Desert, But Can He Teach Shakespeare?



By Dusty Ritter 

As a native of Queen Creek Arizona, Isaac Remington escaped the desert heat and started fresh in the Willamette Valley. His first meeting with head coach Chip Kelly was after the Ducks’ Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State. Remington redshirted in 2010, making the adjustment to Division 1 college life after playing for head coach Land Jacobsen at Phoenix College.

Remington played prep ball at Valley Christian High School in Chandler Arizona. VCHS went a perfect 12-0 in his senior season before falling in the state championship game. That was the third consecutive undefeated team Isaac was on, dating back to his sophomore year. His senior campaign was highlighted by two blocked punts and one interception along with the fact that he helped hold seven opposing teams to ten points or under.

Remington kicked off his Oregon career in exciting fashion in the opener against LSU in 2011. He made four tackles, including one for loss in Cowboys Stadium. He finished the year seventh on the team with four tackles for loss after appearing in 14 games and starting in three of those contests.

In his senior year at Oregon, Isaac continued to excel while balancing family life and practice. He has a young family, a wife and an 8-month old son. It has been a little rough this year for Remington battling nagging injuries and a suspension.

Interview with Isaac

MO: What was your first love in sports?

IR: It was definitely football. I started playing it at seven or eight years old, I liked getting out there and playing with friends. I’m from Arizona, so it was pretty hot and I enjoyed getting out on the grass.

MO: How did high school football go for you?

IR: I had a great time in high school football. I went to a smaller 2A school that had about 450 kids. We went to three state championships in a row. We lost my sophomore year, went undefeated and lost in the championship. Won my junior year after going undefeated, and lost my senior year again after going undefeated.

MO: Which teams were recruiting you and what made you choose Oregon?

Remington sacks Andrew Luck in 2011

IR: Oregon was actually the first program to send me a letter in high school. So I started watching them around the time they played Michigan back east (2007). My senior year, there were other schools in the mix: Boise State and Arizona.

MO: How would you describe your time at Oregon?

IR: It’s been great. I came in for my first year in the winter of 2010 and my first meeting with Coach Kelly was after the Rose Bowl loss. It wasn’t a very good meeting. He was very angry (laughs). Last year was a ride, starting my first game against LSU down in Cowboys Stadium, and going on to win the Rose Bowl.

MO: How is Coach Aliotti as a coach?

IR: He’s a great coach. He knows what he’s doing and has a great supporting cast. He has a great heart and he wants us to win, but he also really cares about us.

MO: How hard was it to learn this system?

IR: There is a lot to learn, but once you’ve got the basics down it’s a good system. The speed, physicality, and fast tempo are what make it challenging to put together.

MO: All that practice is hard work?

IR: Yeah, it’s a grind doing the same thing hitting the sled every day, but there’s something special about it and I love it.

MO: When you’re at the line of scrimmage…what are you looking for and what are your responsibilities?

IR: I just look at how the offensive lineman is in his stance; try to read off of him if he’s light or heavy on his hand. If it’s going to be a run or a pass, what the tendencies are in that formation, and what they’re going to do.

Fiesta Celebration

MO: What has been your personal highlight so far?

IR: Going back to the Rose Bowl, that was pretty amazing, a great accomplishment. Also playing my first game down in Cowboys Stadium was a highlight; those two games kind of stick out.

MO: What do you do for fun, other than football?

IR: I have a family, so I hang out with my son (laughs) he’s eight months old and my wife…love spending time with them. Sometimes we go skeet shooting.

MO: What would you like to do after football?

IR: I’d like to have a chance at the NFL, but after my football career I’d like to stay in the game and be a coach or an English teacher in high school. I’m an English major, so I’d like to teach maybe freshman Shakespeare.

Q & A With Coach Aliotti

MO: How has Isaac developed in his time at Oregon?

NA: He’s just been a tremendous upgrade every year. I think his first year he was trying to learn the system, his second year he got more playing time, and now this year he’s just taken a quantum leap.

MO: What are his strengths and what stands out about him?

NA: Strong, smart, powerful guy. Gives great effort and is great against the run. He’s got a lot of positive things about him.

MO: Any games that he has surprised you in so far?

NA: No, he never surprises me just because of the way he practices so hard. So he’s always up and ready to play.

MO: What impact has he made this year?

NA: He’s made a tremendous impact on our defense because he’s one of the guys that play forty-five to fifty snaps a game. We like to rotate our defensive line, and I feel very confident when he’s in the game.

MO: How would you describe Isaac as a person and a player?

NA: Very respectful and caring. He has a great attitude about the game. He practices hard every day. He’s a very good football player for us and we’re glad to have him on our side.

Dusty Ritter

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