“42” and Other Numbers of Cinematic Import

I’m taking my wife to see “42” tonight.  The “based on history” story of racial strife, cultural change and baseball in the late 40’s is right in my strike zone.  Of course, I’ve never spent two consecutive hours rooting for the Dodger, but that’s a story for another day.


Thinking about this movie brought me to mind of other films that I’m looking forward to seeing soon.


“The story of a struggling football team locked in a Sisyphean struggle to get a win, “JUST ONE PLEASE GOD if you’re there, win over a team that is stronger, faster, better coached, better looking, and with prettier cheerleaders.  Set in the largest city in the rainy Northwest.  Think Forks with traffic.”  Stars Dave “Softy” Mahler as Captain Husky. 


Movie Poster



“The tragic story of a football fan, with everything to live for, who is kidnapped and taken to Corvallis.  As each of the 47 miles unfolds the captive feels hope, joy, and even reason to live slipping away.  Finally, just north of Monroe, he tries to escape.  But will he succeed?”  Stars Harrison Ford as “The Captive,” and Jerry Mathers as “The Beaver.” 


Behind this innocent face lies the heart of a kidnapper.


What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?  Whatever you see, I hope that it’s as good as one of my favorite movie of all time.

It’s called, “No!”






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