Fun with Writer’s Block

Some days a deadline looms and nothing in particular comes to mind.  Creative writing isn’t something that can be forced, so when it doesn’t come, I just have to wait it out.  As I go through my day, something will organically grow…I hope.  Meanwhile:

12:17 p.m.  Who knew how much fun compressed air cans can be?  As I was pondering the blank page I noticed that there was some dust in the notch at the front of the desk.  So I blasted it with “Industrial Strength Ultra Duster.”

Have Gun Will Play


This stuff is fun!  Did you know that it’s not only good for cleaning but that it will put an extra cooling charge into your Pepsi, part your hair, and terrify the cat?  Now the desk is clean, the soda is cold, and the cat is next door complaining about me. Time to get some work done.

1:26 p.m: Did you know that you can play Aaron Rodgers Football on your computer?  You can, and I’m the most awesome player ever.  Return any kick straight ahead for 12 yards, cut to the right sideline, turn upfield, and score every time.  I haven’t run an offensive play yet and I’m ahead 48-14 at the end of the 1st quarter.  Note to self:  I may have to call Fish and tell them I’m too sick to write.

No one will EVER beat me at this game!

3:14 p.m.:  Tossing pencil in the air and thinking about the NFL Draft:  I watched the first round on Thursday.  Happy for Dion Jordan, and Kyle Long.  Surprised that Geno Smith is still undrafted.  Also surprised that Washington speedster Cody Bruns wasn’t top five.  Wasn’t he the first ever 7 star player out of high school?

Cody Bruns recruiting photo


4:48 p.m.:  I wonder how my investments are doing?  Who knew that sinking my money into American Typewriter Ribbon would be a bad choice?  Let’s see what my overall financial picture is looking like today.

Hmm, time to sell the children


8:32 p.m.



11:42 p.m.:  ”Hello, Fish?  Ummm…yeah…”



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