Notes From Around The College Football Nation: Johnny Football is back and Nebraska shows support

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Spring games are happening yet it still does not fill my craving for college football.  Glorified scrimmages will just have to do for now.  The major news is Johnny Football is back on twitter and Jadeveon Clowney is out with an injury.  I imagine the Clowney news will make major headlines since he is the next big thing for the NFL draft in 2014.  As for Johnny Football making a return to twitter…blah blah blah.  Let’s get into some more news and thoughts:

1.  UCONN changed their logo.  They think that will help their football team out.  Sorry guys, changing logos does not gurantee success, especially when you play in the BIG EAST or AMERICAN EVERYWHERE CONFERENCE or what ever they are calling it these days.  If the ACC wants to corner the northern market and grow in basketball, then UCONN is a school to pick up.  After looking at the logo, I think UCONN should have gotten a little more fan input on the logo change.

2.  Did you hear about what Nebraska did during their spring game?  7 year old Jack Hoffman has been struggling with brain cancer and has not had an easy go of it.  To help him out and show support, they allowed him to come in and run a play during the spring game.  Watch the video on it — it’s pretty emotional stuff.  It’s good to see things like that happening.  Sometimes these college teams are the one thing that people like Jack hold onto and seek motivation through.  Let’s hope more schools continue to do things like that for kids like Jack.  This is truly a great story, and stories like this can make a spring game special.

3.  The SEC network is about to be upon us.  Now Alabama fans will have a channel to watch Nick Saban 24/7.  ESPN and the SEC are close to finalizing a deal and setting up the channel.  So the “great and powerful” SEC will officially have a channel.  I know CBS and ESPN have most of the major games airing on their channels….so what is the SEC channel going to show during football season?  The much anticipated match up of Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi State?  The whole country wants to see that one.  I know the PAC-12 kind of burned bridges with some when they put a few major games on the PAC-12 network and pretty much shunned the country from seeing a major PAC-12 showdown last year.  Hopefully the SEC doesn’t pull anything like that.

4.  Ohio State will be getting rings for their 12-0 season.  That’s nice.  Too bad you still couldn’t play for the national title.  I believe that if Ohio State was eligible last season to play for it all, they would have beat Notre Dame and been National Champs.  We probably would have had a closer game than the “doozy” we saw with Alabama.  Hope those tattoos were worth it.

We have survived another week with out real college football.  I guess it’s back to YouTube for now to watch some more highlights from last season.  More spring games are to follow, with some big ones going on this weekend with teams like Texas A&M and Oho State showing their fans a glimpse of things to come next season.  Defending champion Alabama and some other major schools will be playing their spring game next week.  ESPN will probably air most of those major games for fans to get a look at those teams for next fall.  If Oregon fans needs their fix for fast paced high scoring football right now, their is always Arena Football.


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