Notes From The College Football Nation: College football is in a bad place and our thoughts are with Boston

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First off, I would like to take moment to express the sorrow I feel after the Boston incident.  After experiencing something like that, take the time to reach out to friends and family and let them know how much you care and love them.  Be safe, FishDuck readers.

Now for some football.  Spring football is in full swing.  We have to be glad to have a little football back in our lives, even if it is a glorified scrimmage.  Most of the major schools are now having their spring games and will give fans a little glimpse to what to expect in the future.  The only thing UCONN fans can expect after this spring is some crazy new uniforms and logos.  If the spring ball is not keeping you over, just listen to all the NFL draft talk and see if your school’s favorite players will end up being drafted.  Let’s get into some thoughts and news:

1.  Was it just me or did Texas A&Mlook like a well oiled machine during their spring game?  Johnny Football looks like he is ready for this season.  Yes, it is only a spring game and they take it easy, but Manzel looked ready to go.  It should be interesting to see how things shake out in the SEC West this year. Maybe Texas A&M vs. Alabama could be the marquee match up to start the season.

Texas A&M looking for more this fall

2.  Oregon fans, better call USC or Ohio State to find out how to handle the sanctions about to happen.  I am glad Oregon is up front with the NCAA and not hiding anything but it makes you wonder…Chip Kelly flip flopped back and forth between the NFL.  It’s hard not to wonder if he is like Pete Carroll and knew things before all of us.  I hope whatever penalties come down do not hold back the possibility of Oregon going to another Rose Bowl or the title game for 2013.

3.  THANK YOU AND PRAISE THE FOOTBALL GODS!  The BIG-10 is finally changing division names and realigning the conference.  Thank goodness.  I could never tell who was in Leaders and Legends division.  Plus, why the heck was Michigan and Ohio State never in the same division…come on guys!  Looks like they got the message and will have it fixed with Rutgers and Maryland (still two horrible football schools to bring in – but its all about the money so they don’t care) joining the conference.

Finally things will be set right

4.  They say it will be different, yet every year it’s the same old thing and just a few new little things to make it seems interesting.  Oh yeah, I am talking about EA NCAA FOOTBALL 2014coming out this summer; something most college football fans use to help fill time during this dead point of the off season.  Go reserve your copy now to help get your fix until kick-off in August.

How the cover should have been according to fans down in Alabama

With spring ball in full swing we are starting to get a real look at what to expect during the fall.  I think Clemson and Texas A&M will be very good again this year, and are putting themselves into BCS title talk already.  As for other teams hoping to get early BCS talk, FSU will not be one of them.  They will spend the off season searching for a veteran QB with their supposedly starter Trickett transferring.  Maybe he thought they were going to go with the freshmen anyways and just wanted out before he was asked to step down.  It should be another interesting off season of college football.


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