Second Half Stampede: Bears Catch Ducks

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#16 Casey Brogan

The Oregon Ducks went after their first conference win for the 2013 season against the California Golden Bears yesterday.  Oregon is ahead of the Bears with an all-time record of  7-6, winning their last three meetings, but this contest held the promise of having a great deal of give and take to it!

The morning match began, and the Bears were the first to put a point on the scoreboard.  Oregon retaliated with two goals, and the first period continued in this manner as Cal scored followed by a quick shot by Shannon Propst (3-2).  The last ten minutes went in California’s favor, as they scored three more points to take the lead.

© Gary Breedlove Photography

#12 Carly O’Connell

Coming into the second half, California scooped up two more goals to gain a 7-3 advantage.  Both teams shot and scored a goal and then Sami Kiser and Carly O’Connell got two points for Oregon bringing the the Ducks claser at 8-6. Freshman Carly O’Connell scored a record high of four goals and provided three vital assists throughout this game.

After Oregon played a man down, due to a penalty, the Bears scored two quick points and continued to rack up their goals as they scored four more within the next twelve minutes (14-6).  In the last eight minutes of the game, the Ducks regained their bearings and shortened the gap on the scoreboard as O’Connell scored three for Oregon and Devon Frazer got one to make the final score 10-14 in California’s favor.

Despite the outcome of the game, there were monumental records set for Oregon lacrosse.  Shannon Propst moved up to fifth place in Oregon history for assists with 57 in her career so far.  Junior defender Erika McCool caused four turnovers in yesterday’s game, setting her own record high with the Ducks.  Oregon will now be flocking down south to take on Fresno State this Wednesday at 1 pm PDT.

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