Let The Summer Take You Away

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Get out and play!

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Get out and play!

In the modern world, it can be nearly impossible to separate yourself from passions.  With Twitter, Facebook and various sites at your fingertips, news of your favorite squad can be captured in a second.  Sometimes, it’s as if we’ve been swallowed whole by the enormity of sports and all that they have to offer.

Sitting in my classroom today, sun blazing outside, I’m telling myself to step away — and so should you.

Is it sac-relig to write about getting away from your computer?  Perhaps.  However, my plea is not to step away forever, but for a day.  Or two.  Or even an hour, if it gets too painful.  Just leave it alone, that’s all I ask.

When you come back, the Ducks will still be there, I promise.  They’re not going anywhere, which is the beauty of it.  Come September, every year, without fail, Oregon football will emerge from the tunnel.  Some years will be bad, some will be good. 2013, as it stands, looks to be good.  I, for one, find myself daydreaming about what the season has to offer, what possibilities await.

I also realize that my brain could melt between now and then if I don’t give it a rest.

I’m in a social media class this weekend, learning how to use the web to better promote myself, my business, and my life.  It’s interesting and overwhelming at the same time.  It’s also a reminder, in a round about way, that there is a life outside of the keyboard, a world in 3D.  As I sit here typing, I’m envious if the chatter and laughter that is coming from outside.  While thankful beyond belief for the job I have and the opportunity to put my thoughts to word, I want to be away.  So should you.  Come back tomorrow.  Come back the next day, please.  But, in order to come back, you must first leave.

I watched a video the other day of football players workouts, in researching for another article.  Something interesting occurred during my viewing: one of the players involved said that the previous season, his entire off-season training took place indoors.  Six days a week, eight hours a day, indoors.  This year, all of his training is outdoors, in the sun, the heat, the sweat…

And he’s never been happier.

I’m now sitting outside typing this, the sun bouncing across my face like a musical.  When I’m done, play time with my kid will override my need to keep up with the latest sports gossip.  That’s OK. I’m not abandoning my passion, I’m simply adding to them.

Go nuts come September

Photo by Kevin Cline

Go nuts come September

As college sports fans, we are blessed with an unbelievable amount of things to watch and follow.  More specifically, as college football fans, we are also blessed with a lot of down time.  Eight months pass between games, inter-mixed with recruiting, spring ball, and the inevitable “dog days” that lead up to kickoff.  I’m not preaching — I’m pleading.  This summer, as we the precious days until Puddles leads the charge out of the tunnel, step away.  Go out and play; then, when the time comes…


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FishDuck….you are one WEIRD Dude.

I’ve heard that before. Often people do not like my contrarian view to some topics, but being a football critic is who I am.

I will call it as I see it whether positive or negative, and I will never create anything to simply generate a response; I believe in everything I write.

If we were all in agreement, then there are fewer opportunities to learn and I do love the debates we have in our protected environment.  More discussion creates more learning, which makes us all better fans.  Let’s make the most of it!