Notes From Around The College Football Nation: Saban is the Devil and ACC MESS

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How a college football fan views a map

How a college football fan views a map

It’s still summer; still no actual college football games.  This is probably the most boring moments of any college football fan’s life.  Now it’s time to pay attention to all the “phantom” news and rumors about your favorite teams and players from around the country.  Let’s get into some of those rumors and thoughts:

1.  The war of words continues and it still involves Nick Saban.  Another SEC coach has called Saban the Devil.  First it was Vandy’s coach (Franklin), and now its a Florida assistant coach making pokes at Saban being the devil.  It maes me wonder – what the heck is Nick Saban doing to gain this reputation?  With all this trash talk in the SEC, it seems like Lane Kiffin is back in the SEC.  We know Les Miles does Voo-Doo magic down in Baton Rouge, but Saban has to have taken it to another level.  Or maybe most coaches know they will not beat him on the field and all they can do is just poke fun at him.  Whatever they do, just know he will not forget it next time him and his team is standing across the football field vs. that coach and his team.

Probably how most coaches view him

Probably how most coaches view him

2.  Florida is set to play Miami this year and then who knows the next time these teams will meet.  Classic rivalries still need to find there way onto the schedule despite conference expansion and other factors that come into play.  Heck, that rivlary does not even compare to the Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry, and that is set to expire since the Irish are “chicken” – at least thats what Brady Hoke of Michigan is saying.  Those are two great games that need to continue for the good of college football.  Athletic directors should be doing a better job of scheduling games like this, and not “insert your team” vs. Cupcake university.  Times are a-changing but lets make sure big time rivalry games continue.

This game will soon be no more with out the help of the athletic directors

This game will soon be no more with out the help of the athletic directors

3.  SO DUMB!  The Big-10 got it right by switching their divisions around to make more geographic sense.  The ACC announced it will not switch up the conference divisions.  It makes PERFECT SENSE for Florida State to be in the same division as Boston College but Miami (which is right down the road compared to BC) is in the other division?  I know the conference is more stable now, but…seriously?  Let’s get this fixed.  Make it go something like this:

NORTH: Boston College, Syracuse, Pitt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Wake Forest (Wake can be switched out with any North Carolina school)

SOUTH: FSU, Miami, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, N.C. State

These are conference divisions that makes sense, unless FSU fans are currently happy traveling up to Boston College for games (and soon to be Syracuse).  The ACC commish needs to think about the fans and the geography of his conference.  I bet he would change it all up if Notre Dame joined and asked.  Everyone seems to make an exception for Notre Dame.  Maybe he will change his mind later this summer or next season.

proposed ACC divisions

proposed ACC divisions

Now with that rant done we will have to sit back another week and see what unravels.  Maybe Notre Dame will come out and say they will keep playing Michigan.  Nick Saban could possibly grow horns in a just a moment’s notice if you ask another SEC coach.  If you’re really bored, you can follow the recruiting news of your favorite school.  I would not really get to serious about any prospect since there is still almost a year for coaches to change that kid’s mind.  You heard about the Michigan State recruit giving up a scholarship to rap instead of playing football?  Good luck with that.  Now I will leave you with some highlights from some of the top games from last season (sorry about the low video quality)… a little something to hold us over until kick-off:



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