Spring Game News From Around the Country

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The Ducks’ annual spring game was held under sun dappled skies, and in front of 35,000+ fans last Saturday in Autzen Stadium.  Early returns on the 2013 iteration of Oregon football indicated continued success based on speed, precision, conditioning, and execution.  News from spring games around the country were…mixed.

Texas A & M University:  The Aggies of Texas A &M had a very successful inaugural run in the SEC.  Quarterback Johnny Manziel (an Oregon commit until he saw a storm a-brewin’ in the Hawaiian Islands…at least that’s the way I like to think of it) showed off lightning quick feet, a strong arm, and a public relations machine that turned Johnny Manziel into Johnny Football into Johnny Heisman.  Manziel  wasn’t available for spring ball, however.  His fame has become so overwhelming that, not only can he not go to class on campus, he has become a recluse in his room.  A recent photograph of Manziel shows what can happen when the adulation gets to be too much.

Johnny Football


Johnny Football


Auburn University:  Spring ball is the least of concerns at the little school near Toomer’s Corner.  The NCAA has been nosing around the school for awhile.  Unlike some schools, though,  Auburn’s fate with the law is always decided before lunch.  No one expects that this is the last that the “Loveliest Village on the Plains” will hear from college sports’ governing board.  In fact, in preparation for another visit from the NCAA Auburn has replaced spring football with


University of Southern California:  Spring ball is being coached by assistants this year as Lane Kiffin is busy being extricated from where he was placed by Matt Barkley.

Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin


Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin


University of Washington:  Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian has barked out an order that new equipment is to be given to his team just in time for spring ball this year.  They’re young, you see, and with young comes a tendency to whine a bit.  ”The final score wasn’t indicative of the difference between the two teams,”  and “The gap is narrowing between the two teams,” are just a couple of the howlers that have come out of Sark’s kibble hole.  So now they get new equipment.

Oh…I’m sorry…you thought I meant new equipment for THE TEAM.  Nope.  Just for the coach.







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