Meet Your New Ducks: Another Hawaiian Football Guru


Here he is, the first verbal commitment of the 2014 class. It’s strange to think that none of these guys will even play a down at Autzen for another year and three months; however, their development and success over that time plays a vital role in determining the future of our beloved Ducks. As history has shown, the “star” system isn’t always spot on in evaluating talent (LaMichael James 3-star, Kenjon Barner 2-star DB). It all comes down these high schoolers perform in practice and react to the college level. Until then, let’s rave about these superior athletes and drool over their recruiting tapes.

Jordan Hoiem comes to us from the sunny Wailuku, Hawaii (not exactly Honolulu, but close enough) where he played outside linebacker for the Baldwin High School Bears. Hawaii is in no way, shape, or form considered a recruiting hotbed for college football; however, the state has recently produced some quality guys i.e. Marcus Mariota — all hail the king. Believe it or not, there are seven active players on this year’s roster; that’s the third highest represented state on this team besides Oregon and California.

Given that he has no publicly recorded stats or awards, one must simply trust our coaching/recruiting staff that, despite minimal buzz and hype, he is the real deal and is talented enough to wear the green and yellow… and black, white, silver, chrome, gold, etc.

Here are some of his junior year highlights:

So what kind of player is he? And what exactly can he do for Oregon?

Standing at 6’4″ and about 215 lbs., Hoiem is a very rangy athlete who’s all over the field, and judging by those highlights, he’s quite the playmaker. He shows great strength despite his smaller build, and has solid speed when chasing down ball carriers (unofficial 40 time of 4.6 secs). Hoiem is an excellent pass rusher who attacks the line and fills up holes. He can bust through the line in a timely manner and wreak havoc in the backfield. Whether it is shedding blocks and stuffing the running back for a 2 yard gain, or pancaking the ball carrier for a 2-yard loss, he gets the job done and limits the offense’s big play potential.

While his claim to fame may be stopping the run, he displays adequate pass rushing skills. Hoiem can rely on his athleticism to rush in tight on the corners, get around the blocks, and get to the quarterback. He may not get you a bunch of sacks, but plenty of rushed pass attempts. Another plus about this guy is his tackling ability. To put it simply, when (not if) he catches you, it’s going to hurt. He’s not afraid to come full steam at anybody and hit them at the shoulder pad level. Expect to see some nice hits throughout his tenure in Eugene, I’m talking T.J. Ward kind of hits.

Assuming he bulks up a little bit, he could be compared to Boseko Lokombo. Not in terms of legacy or production because that’s all TBD, but in the style of play; a true ballhawk who’s always in the mix. The two of them stand tall in the middle of the field and are great at tracking the quarterback’s eyes and marking the inside receivers.

Jordan Hoiem reflects on his abilities:

With such a talented veteran defense, especially at the linebacker position, a talent like Jordan Hoiem is just the thing this Duck D needs to keep playing at the same level year in and year out. The defense mirrors the offense in some ways with speed and comprehensive schemes. So just as the offensive side has done in recruiting, it is important to set a precedence of speed and let the nation know “this” is how we play defense.

78 days. Go Ducks!

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