Notes from around the college football nation: Manziel leaving college station and Athletes are about to get paid

How a college football fan sees the world

How a college football fan sees the world

It seems like right now all we have to look forward to is hearing about lawsuits involving the NCAA and a few select schools.  We are also hearing more reports of coaches trash talking one another, recruits committing to schools (even though they will flip to another school in three months) and other random things going on to entertain fans until kick off.  I am getting an additional “fix” from a few of the college football preview magazines.  Let’s review some of what I’m reading along with additional news from around the college football nation:

1. What’s that?  Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel are in the news again, for the 33rd straight week… or so it seems.  When ever things are dull in College Station, TX it seems Manziel will take to his twitter account and get things rolling.  Johnny Football recently tweeted his unhappiness in College Station and how he can not wait to get out of there.  Then he told people to “walk a mile in his shoes” or something along those lines.  Hmm… model girlfriend, throwing out pitches at MLB games, courtside seats to NBA FINALS games, special treatment at hotels and restaurants, appearing in a music video and being worshiped by the college football world.  Sounds like a tough life kid!  Suck it up and enjoy your college years and the rock start treatment you are receiving.  So there you have it, my weekly Texas A&M report.  Also here are some fun facts about how fun and bad it is being an Aggie in College Station.  Can someone send me a Texas A&M shirt since they seem to be my favorite team to talk about.

Johnny Manziel looks to make headlines even off the field

Courtesy of Shutterbug459/Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Manziel looks to make headlines even off the field

2. This is getting ugly.  The Ed O’Bannon vs NCAA saga is going to end in a hot mess for everyone.  I think this Ed O’Bannon guy was just looking for a little money.  Then he was blinded by just how many dollars he could get from this lawsuit and blew it up.  Now Mr. O’Bannon is doing whatever he can to gain additional support, raising the dollar amount he will receive in a settlement.  That might sound harsh but I am not a fan of this guy or the NCAA for that matter.  So now De’Anthony Thomas or Johnny Manziel can get in on this lawsuit and also seek money from the settlement.  Several athletes have already said they would come forward but want immunity from NCAA retaliation.  Sounds like these guys are being targeted by the mob.  I would say it used to be “just a game” but with how much money major programs are both bringing in, and depending on, it is so much more now.  Let’s hope this case is handled in a professional matter and does not effect major changes for the fans.  I still agree with what Bob Stoops said about players already being compensated sufficiently through what they receive from their athletic departments.

Will De'Anthony Thomas try to hop on the money train?

Courtesy of Fiesta Bowl, Krebiel Photography

Will De’Anthony Thomas try to hop on the money train?

3. Someone said “pay the man” and so they did.  I am referring to Penn State giving a raise to their football coach Bill O’Brien.  He did not lead Penn State to an amazing season but considering what he did under extremely difficult circumstances, and how he continues recruiting like a mad man, he deserves every penny during these rough times in Happy Valley.   Even with the well known restrictions, if not for a few bad plays they were just one game away from playing for the BIG-10 title and probably having his team in serious contention for a major bowl.  I believe Penn State should consider themselves lucky to have him as their head coach, helping guide them through these tough upcoming years.  Should be interesting to see what Penn State does in year two of their “death penalty”.

Will Penn State continue to rise up?

JOE HERMITT, The Patriot-News/file

Will Penn State continue to rise up?

This has been an interesting offseason to date for all sorts of reasons, mostly bad.  Speculation will continue to spiral out of control with the Ed O’Bannon case in the vacuum of no real football news to report.  We look forward to fall football camps opening up in about a month.  Then we can do our own speculating about who will start and lead our favorite team to the title game in Pasadena.  After watching the NBA finals and seeing all the intensity and excitement of those final games, it made me even more excited for the college football playoffs to start.  I can not wait for that playoff atmosphere to occur in the ranks of our college football world.  Let’s just hope they get the committee right and it is not handled through back door shady dealings.  We will find out soon enough who is on the committee, until then, let’s enjoy some highlights from past national championship games.


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