College Football Notes: The NCAA is crumbling and a HUGE Suspension

Jeff Hostetler FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

What a week for college football. I saw so many football highlights of hard hits this week on television that I thought the season was already here.

The biggest debate this week was who should be ejected for certain big hits over the last few seasons? Of course the controversy was South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney from last year’s Outback Bowl. Plus, during media days, most conference commissioners started weighing in their opinion on the crumbling NCAA and how major BCS schools should break away and govern themselves. Both huge game changers for college football as we know it. Let’s get into some more thoughts and news from this past week.

1. So the hit of the year done by Clowney is not being called illegal by some ACC official.


Hits like that are game changers. I understand the new rule for targeting defenseless players but COME ON! Let the boys play. Clowney’s hit changed the whole momentum of the game and allowed for South Carolina to pull out the victory. This new rule will be the game changer. Imagine seeing your team’s favorite player thrown out for making a big play and help shift the momentum back into their favor.

There are to many close calls and I don’t think they should take the time to look and then throw the player out during the game. The conferences should do things like the NFL and review the hits after the game and then hand out suspensions. It’s going to be a mess. Refs will soon turn into the most hated people on the field once they throw out the best player. You make the call and let me know if you would let them keep playing or get thrown out:

What about this one:

or how about this last one:

Hits like these set the tone and can change the game in an instance. I say the first hit is good to go while the other two might get an ejection. Officials will now have one more thing to worry about, since they already do a “perfect” job officiating.

2. Media days provide us with some fun topics to discuss. The biggest topic brought up from these past media days was about how all BCS school should break away from the NCAA and govern themselves. Soon the idea got some momentum and now I feel it is only a matter of time until the schools break off into “super” conferences and start running the show themselves.

I am all for this.

With the current NCAA involved in a nasty lawsuit and messing up handing out penalties to such schools as Miami, now is the time to break away. The sport is becoming so popular that it is only fair that schools such as Alabama, Oregon or Texas have the biggest say in how the sport is ran. Right now small schools that do not even have a football team have the same leverage at the bargaining table. This is something that will be changing in the near future. With all the money at stake, a school such as Alabama wants as much say and leverage compared to a Toledo or lower division school.

3. Oregon, nice cool uniforms you came out with. That is SOOOOOOO last week. Miami of Ohio decided to one up everyone in the uniform department and did so by going extreme on everything. They kind of get me excited for Christmas. The helmets are awesome and I think will catch on with other schools. Interested to see what some other schools will come up with later in the year. I am not gonna lie. I hope more schools follow in the footsteps of what the Bobcats did with their helmet design.

Another week is in the books and we are less than a month away from kick off. I hope for this upcoming season, they don’t go over board with the new ejection rule for hits on defenseless players. I also wonder if we will even have any more conference realignment with all this talk of governing themselves. Some schools might look to make the jump to secure power in the upcoming “conference shift”. I love college football and can not wait for it to begin next month. Any wild predictions?


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