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Practices are about to start at Oregon, and the season is just over a month away.  I have been driving myself crazy with anticipation for this year.  It got me thinking about which games I am most excited for.  Which games are the “must watch” games for me this season.  So of course, happens to be the perfect outlet for me.  Since there are 12 games in the season, I have split my list.  The following are 12-7 in my rankings of the games that I can’t wait to see.

DAT gets pushed out of bounds by Colorado players.

Courtesy of Kevin Cline Photography

DAT gets pushed out of bounds by Colorado players.

12. @ Colorado – October 5th

Colorado lands at the bottom of my list for very obvious reasons.  The Buffs were absolutely pitiful last year, going 1-8 in conference play and 1-11 overall.  The only thing that excites me about this game is that Oregon is playing.  Also we might get a chance to see what the newcomers can do.  Sorry Colorado, you’re just that bad.

11. Washington State – October 19th

Another team that has been basically non existent for the last few years.  Washington State actually had a better season last year, but not by much.  The Cougars only managed a 1-8 record during conference play, but managed to win two non-conference games to go 3-9 on the season.  Notch another win for Oregon with the starters being pulled early.

The Cougars taking the field.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cline Photography

The Cougars taking the field.

I don’t see any way that Washington St. can keep up with the Ducks.  This game is 11th on my list for reasons I shouldn’t even have to mention.

10. Utah – November 16th

Finally, a game that registers a little bit of a spark for me.  The reason I am looking forward to this one is because Utah has managed to skate by the last two seasons without facing Oregon.  A new team to the conference, and they don’t have to face Chip Kelly’s genius.  For that simple fact alone I want Oregon to crush the Utes.  Nothing against them personally, it is just their time.

Where great teams go to die.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cline Photography

Where great teams go to die.

9. California – September 28th

California was not very special last year going 2-7 in conference play and just 3-9 for the season.  I have them at this spot for a few reasons. They were too bad to be higher, and the teams below them were too bad to be above Cal.  Also, this is the start of Pac-12 play.  The chase for the conference title and hopefully a bid to the last BCS National Championship ever.

8. @ Virginia – September 7th

Virginia was not a good team last year finishing the season with a 4-8 record.  They may be a little high on my list, but I’m intrigued.  It is an away game against an ACC team.  That sounds like some good fun to me.  It is also the first away game of the season.  Time to see if the team has gelled the way Coach Mark Helfrich would like.  After this game we should hopefully have good sense of what to expect from our unknown quantity players.

Lyerla smashes through Arizona players

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cline Photography

Lyerla smashes through Arizona players

7. @ Arizona – November 23rd

Every time I think of playing Arizona at home, I get flashbacks from 2009.  When Jeremiah Masoli led Oregon back to win it in double overtime.  I have memories of a red wave coming over the walls to stand, waiting to rush the field.  Then, just like the ocean, I can remember the red wave going back over the wall, and little trickles of red following it like the water on the beach back to the ocean.  That was such a great feeling for me personally, to watch Arizona’s fans be denied their glory.  Oh the memories.  I can only hope that this game will be half as good.

Well, there you have it folks.  The bottom half of my must watch games list.  I must say this list was hard to decide on since I can’t wait for each and every game Oregon plays.  What do you guys think so far?  Any surprises yet? (insert evil laugh)  Check back soon for my top six 2013 must watch games.



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