Notes from around the college football nation:Oregon playing in China and FSU wins SEC

How a college football fan sees the world

How a college football fan sees the world

Football is still forever away but something fun and interesting is about to happen. Media Day is quickly approaching for most major conferences. This is where some coach or player will say something controversial about a certain game and have everyone talking about it for the next two months. I am putting my money on South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier saying something “motivational” about Georgia. It is just a given. I appreciate how most Media Days are open to your average fan, providing chances to meet coaches and players. If you want to see a circus then head on down to the SEC MEDIA DAYS… they put on a show and more than enough “reporters” show up. With that in mind lets get into some news from this past week from around the College Football Nation:

1. FSU are the SEC CHAMPS… read all about it! I didn’t know you could win the SEC Championship if you played in another conference, in this case the ACC. Come to find out the manufacturer responsible for the ACC Championship rings accidentally listed SEC on one of them. Hilarious. It’s not a big deal but we are all talking about it. I know the SEC is the best, but next time on your championship ring, put the conference you won, not the one you wish you had. I wonder if the player will put it on ebay?

Florida State wishes they could be SEC champs

Menelik Watson (Twitter)

Florida State WISHES they could be SEC champs.

2. Ohio State is not only beating Michigan on the field but also off the field in hospital rooms. A young boy who is a huge Buckeyes fan was diagnosed with Cancer last year and was determined to beat it. So he did what any true Ohio State fan would do, name his cancer Michigan and beat the crud out of it. After 14 months of treatment he has come out on top. Whenever someone is able to win the fight versus cancer it is an awesome accomplishment. It is an interesting victory story he will be telling for a long time.

3. Pack your bags Oregon fans, you are headed to China. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott approved Oregon to give up three home games over the next three years so they can play them in China. Mr. Scott is trying to expand the Pac-12 brand and he will do so by moving your beloved Ducks thousands of miles away. Who will Oregon be facing in China? It will be USC, Washington and then close it out vs. Oregon State in year three. So I just made all that up. Where you excited? Or did it get your blood boiling? I don’t know about you but I love attending my local Florida Gator home games. If you told me that they’d be playing vs FSU, Georgia or Tennessee over in China or Africa, I would be ticked. Those home games are precious. I know it would be an experience for the players and would help develop new fan bases and blah blah blah for the sport. China hosting a game is just an “idea” right now but Larry Scott is a visionary man and will make it happen. It’s already hard enough for Oregon fans traveling to the Rose Bowl, how the heck are we suppose to get all the way over to China? Thoughts on the idea? Register me as not a fan.

I have a dream of moving every Oregon football game to China.

Eric Wade

I have a dream of moving every Oregon football game to China.

4. Let’s keep the ball rolling with a little talk on scheduling. The Big Ten conference has finalized their first go ’round with a 9-game conference schedule. Thoughts? AWESOME! I hope all conferences especially the SEC and ACC follow suit. I know some teams might look at it as adding one more tough conference game in place of a cupcake game, but it’s for the good of the game. No one wants to see their favorite schools continuing these exhibition games against  over-matched competition. The playoffs are going to reward teams for their strength of schedule and having nine conference games will help.  I for one would rather see Florida play another SEC West opponent such as Alabama or Auburn than to suffer another Toledo or Northeastern pushover. It’s a good step forward for the Big Ten and I think nine conference games will soon be the norm.

Hopefully I left you with a few feel-good news bits and thoughts from this past week. Just be ready when Steve Spurrier or Mike Gundy step to the microphone at Media Days. Also, these dog days of summer leave the players with too much free time.  Be on the lookout for controversial social media posts, poking the hornets nest of this upcoming season. For those of you that can’t wait for the season to start, NCAA ’14 is available for your favorite game console. I know a few Ohio State fans may refuse to buy it because of the person they put on the cover, Michigan’s Denard Robinson. I have played a little and it really helps pass the time during this “dead zone” of college football. If you’re not a gamer, then here are some game highlights to help get you through another week. You’ll love it. I woke my wife up screaming because of how the game finishes, one of the best endings I have ever seen.


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