Notes from the college football nation: Oregon’s new bling and Penn State looking for a break

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How a college football fan sees the world

How a college football fan sees the world

After this past week of media days, the SEC and Coach Spurrier have given us plenty to talk about. We still have yet to see the Big Ten, Pac-12 or Big 12 media days but I can’t imagine them being as “chaotic” and quote filled as the SEC’s were. While we wait for those other media days, we can tune into the new developments with the NCAA lawsuit. Things are really heating up as the first current NCAA athletes add their names to the suit.  At the same time we see the NCAA distance its self from EA Sports.  Revenue from EA Sports to the NCAA is one of the sources cited in the far reaching suit brought by former, and now current, athletes.  Those are just a few things going on this week, now let’s get into some more thoughts and news from around the College Football Nation:

1. First I would like to give a big HECK YEAH to Oregon’s new uniforms. Love the bright yellow. Maybe they want their opponents to be able to see them even with the stadium lights off. I love how innovative Oregon is with their uniforms and how they are not afraid to just put it all out there. A lot better than the traditional, never changing uniforms of schools such as Alabama or Oklahoma.

Oregon has done yellow before....(Justin Phinisee 2003)

John Giustina

Oregon has done yellow before….(Justin Phinisee 2003)

2. This week six players have added their names to the Ed O’Bannon vs NCAA antitrust lawsuit. I know this lawsuit is growing but I hope that current NCAA players limit their involvement. You know the lawsuit is gaining momentum when the NCAA no longer wants to be apart of EA SPORTS and will not renew their deal. If you ask me, they should revoke the scholarships of the current players that added their names to the lawsuit. Let them pay all their college expenses themselves. College athletes, especially those on scholarship, already have so many perks compared to the average student. They have personal study areas, personal tutors, private dining halls, access to their own gym, personal trainers, cooks and other benefits. The extras go on and on. That is worth a lot in my book. Enjoy the fun times, use your scholarship to get a good education and then, if you wanna get paid,  go get a job.

3. Coach O’Brien of Penn State has hopes that the NCAA will reduce their penalty or shorten its term. I think the NCAA has so much on their plate with the antitrust lawsuit, and other sanctions, that it could be awhile before they can give any attention to Happy Valley.  Especially since Penn State has not even formally requested any specific relief. I agree with what Coach O’Brien is asking of the NCAA. While the NCAA was right to punish Penn State for what happened, the degree and extent of their sanctions seem excessive. Current athletes and students are suffering for past transgressions of the institution. Let’s hope maybe the NCAA will knock a year or two off and Penn State can get back to competing for championships.

Will the suffering of Penn State fan's end early?

Christopher Weddle

Will the suffering of Penn State fan’s end early?

With most other conferences about to have media days, we will get some more questions answered. In the Big 12, who is going to win it since Oklahoma or Texas are no longer the favorites? Who will be the Big 12 quarterbacks with so many schools seeking a new starter? Out West many people will be asking if this is the year, really The year, for Oregon? While down in the ACC many are wondering if Virginia Tech had a bad year or will the slide continue? Less than 40 days until kickoff, get ready. I’m already there.  Until then, enjoy some football highlights from one of last year’s great rivalry games:


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