Pac-12 Emmy Awards Announced

Good morning, Ducks!  The Pacific 12 Conference uses this slow time of the year to announce it’s annual Emmy Awards for conspicuous and substantial achievement in football.  The award’s inaugural presentation was after the 2009 season when Pete Carroll’s Trojans won their first Pac-12 Emmy.

Husky coach Don James escapes the clutches of NCAA investigators

Pete Carroll escapes the clutches of NCAA investigators

This year’s winners spanned the width of the conference, proving that the gift of quality entertainment doesn’t only reside in the entertainment capital.  That said, the USC Trojans won another Emmy this year.  After wearing the conference’s dunce cap for basically feeding, housing, clothing, transporting and rubbing the bunions of the Bush family for several years, ‘SC was pretty sure that Oregon was going to be joining them in the naughty corner.  When that turned out to be the furthest thing from the truth, the Trojans became

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin

It has been several years since the Huskies have mounted the dais to receive a coveted statuette.  But Dog fans were able to accurately say “We’re back” at the 2013 ceremony.  The Huskies, as usual, are young, but this year they’re real young.  So young in fact that they were rewarded.

Washington Associate Athletic Director Jennifer Cohen prepares for another day with her pups.

Washington Associate Athletic Director Jennifer Cohen prepares for another day with her pups.

The Colorado Buffaloes are one of the two newest conference members, and as such have never had an opportunity to receive a conference Emmy until now.  The Buffs have… well they’ve struggled since joining the Conference of Champions.  Against Troy last year they gave up a conference record 8 jillion yards of total offense… and that wasn’t Troy as in USC… it was Troy State.  The Pac-12 wants Colorado to know that they empathize with their plight.  So they were given an award.

Publicity poster for CU's opener.

Publicity poster for CU’s opener.

Seldom does the conference go beyond it’s own borders when dealing out awards, but this year there was a particularly deserving gentleman from the Southeastern Conference.  From Tuscaloosa, Alabama comes a man so focused on doing what is right and fair and downright dadgum healthy for his players that he will work tirelessly on their behalf.  And so, the Pacific 12 Conference reached out to Nick Saban with an award.

Whoa there, Nick.  I thought I saw your big'ns move.

Whoa there, Nick. I thought I saw your big’ns move.

The University of Oregon didn’t go home empty handed.  With a change at head coach and some questions at linebacker as well as in the kicking game, it has been suggested the Lane County juggernauts might not be good this year.  I happen to agree and so does the Pac-12.  I think the Ducks will be

Bad Ass!

Bad Ass!



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