An Alternate View of Fall Practice in Corvallis

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Good morning, Ducks, or as they like to call us in Corvallis, “Cheaters that hold every dadgum play!”  This is the second in our three part series about fall (Is August fall?  Then I slept through summer.) practice for the schools in the Great Northwest.  Last week we touched on Washington State.  Today we visit Oregon State University, origin of the word hapless.

Oregon State fans are fond of telling us that they do things the right way.  I’m not sure there is a right way to get your soul crushed each and every November, but so be it.

Probably the biggest news out of Corvallis is the change of logo for the Beavers.  Over the course of the last few years the Beavers have evolved from…

This rather friendly looking fellow...

This rather friendly looking fellow…


To this…

Hideous monstrosity...

Hideous monstrosity…


I must say I do like the swoosh, though.  Cha-CHING for the good guys.

As far as the Beaver football team is concerned, they are excited for their incoming freshman class.  According t0 the latest Beaver rundown (and I don’t mind if I do) Beaver recruit Dashon Hunt hopes to become the next Jordan Poyer.  Pac-12 experts believe that he is more likely to be the next David Poyer.

Operatie Golf - David Poyer ISBN 9789022512258


Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be so hard on the Beavers.  After all, they do serve a few useful purposes.  They provide the Ducks with a valuable bye the last game of the regular season.

To the their house...which is our house

To the house…in their house…which is our house


They provide excellent cheerleader contrast to the lovely beauties from Eugene.

Oregon State Rally Queen Beth N. Gorge

Oregon State Rally Queen Beth N. Gorge


And they remind us that it wasn’t that long ago when they were relevant…

Oregon State "Student"/Athlete Chad Johnson

Oregon State “Student”/Athlete Chad Johnson


…which gives us the opportunity to remind them exactly how long ago it was that they were relevant, with players that were actually eligible.

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played, songs that made the Hit Parade, guys like us we had it made...those were the days.

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played, songs that made the Hit Parade, guys like us we had it made…those were the days.


I admit that I do feel just a touch of compassion for Oregon State fans, though.  It is my understanding that a very unpleasant malady has struck the residents of Corvallis (Gateway to Verdure) and it is causing some tired eyes when the folks go a plowin’, or a shearin’, or raisin’ a barn or whatever they do when they’re not making eyes at the lambs.  The good folks of Benton County are having nightmares.  They describe them like this…

Here I am Beaver fans.  Can't wait for November 29th.

Here I am Beaver fans. Can’t wait for November 29th.


Next week we will take a look at the Washington Huskies and what they are trying to accomplish this month…besides making bail.



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