From the Cal Locker Room: Bears Soaked!

Craig Strobeck

The reactions from Cal Quarterbacks Zack Kline, Jared Goff and Head Coach Sonny Dykes were similar.  Each man held himself accountable, and each man saw that  there was hope for the team.

“I thought I played well.  I could have played better,” Kline said. “We have a lot to work on for sure.  Definitely as a team we were pretty disappointed.”

“The noise didn’t do much, it was the grip,” Goff said, “That was no excuse.  It’s something I’m going to work out.  We had the same thing with Ohio State.  They got a lead, and we started chipping.  That game we chipped away, this one we didn’t.  I’m very disappointed.  That’s mainly on me.  The full responsibility is mainly on me.”

It was a long, wet night for the Bears

Craig Strobeck

It was a long, wet night for the Bears.

“I guess I was wrong,” Coach Dykes said in response to saying earlier in the week that he felt Cal would play well in the rain.  ”We showed some signs of being undisciplined and did some things that are uncharacteristic.  That falls on me.  I thought we came in and competed.  I thought they (the Cal defense) played hard.  The effort hasn’t necessarily been an issue.” Dykes said.

Yet even with the poor performance, each man also saw hope for Cal football.  ”We want to win.  We want to be the best team in the Pac-12.  We want to change our mistakes, and make them our strengths,” Kline said.

And despite the night’s outcome, true freshman Goff believes he will continue to the be the quarterback for Cal.

“My mindset next week is that I’m the starter,” he said.




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