The Duckling Profile: Torrodney Prevot Could be Next Dion Jordan

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Third on the depth chart behind Boseko Lokombo and Tyson Coleman, is true freshman linebacker Torrodney Prevot.  The Texan from Alief Taylor High School in Houston, first committed to USC in July, 2012, but still scheduled visits to Texas A&M and Oregon.  Late in the recruiting process, after stating he would not be attending USC, it was rumored Prevot would sign with the Aggies.  Prevot said he woke up on February 6, 2013, not knowing which school to choose and, much to everyone’s surprise, he ended up signing with our very own Ducks.

True freshman Torrodney Prevot

True freshman Torrodney Prevot

When asked why he chose Oregon over USC and Texas A&M, Prevot told and ESPN reporter that he felt he would get the best opportunities for his future at the University of Oregon.  He also said, “the academics [at Oregon] impressed me the most” and felt it was the best fit for him both on and off the field.

The four-star prospect played defensive end in high school, but once at Oregon quickly switched to linebacker.  Prevot’s weight, around 205 pounds in high school and now 214, was better suited to a collegiate linebacker than defensive end.  This position switch was expected and is not an issue because Prevot mentioned in another ESPN interview that he does not care what position he plays, as long as he is on the field.

While in high school, Prevot accumulated ten tackles, four sacks, one forced fumble, one fumble return for a touchdown and one interception return for a touchdown — in one game!  As a senior in high school he was selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.  As a junior, Prevot had 53 tackles, 20 of them for loss, and 14 quarterback sacks.

Here are some of his high school highlights:

As demonstrated, Prevot is very quick off of the line and very quick off the ball.

“He is past offensive linemen in a flash and makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.  He will need to add a lot of muscle and size, but he uses his long arms and hands to keep his distance from blockers, which gives him the space to use his quickness and burst.  He uses that same length to bat down balls,” Greg Powers, a Fox Sports recruiting analyst, commented.

Against Nicholls, in his collegiate debut, Prevot tallied five tackles, three unassisted, with one sack.  The following week, at Virginia, he had one tackle, and one more against Tennessee.

Here are some video highlights of Prevot’s game against Nicholls on August 31:

Now we see that not only is Prevot extremely quick off the ball, as referenced above, but also what a great pass rusher he is.  Again, Prevot will need to improve his strength and size, but that is something he’s been accomplishing since arriving in Eugene.

As long as he continues to get bigger, there’s a chance Prevot will move back outside to fill the talented shoes Dion Jordan left behind.  In fact, early on Oregon coaches were envisioning him in that role.  During a press conference last February, Mark Helfrich said, “Prevot at outside linebacker, we see him in the role of Dion Jordan.  Young body, athletic, physical, great tackler, finisher, caused a lot of fumbles.  A lot of havoc.”

Keep an eye out for this one, because he very well may be Oregon’s next Dion Jordan.



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