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Football Recruiting

QB/ATH Randall Cunningham, Jr. (3-Star/Las Vegas, NV)

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QB/ATH Randall Cunningham Jr. (3-Star/Las Vegas, NV)


Oregon makes no secret its approach to multi-sport athletes; the more the merrier.  Past and current greats, the likes of Jordan Kent, and current Ducks Liz Brenner and Arik Armstead, are making names for themselves in multiple venues.

Heading into the deluge that was Autzen Stadium two Saturdays past, Randall Cunningham Jr. (3-Star/Las Vegas, NV), the namesake of former NFL superstar Randall Sr., could have been described as a casual visitor.  Four hours later, Cunningham Jr., one of the top dual-sport athletes in the country, put “Oregon… at the top of the list.”

“Everything was just excellent.  You really can’t ask for better, it’s all provided for you right at Oregon,” said Cunningham Sr.  “My hat goes off to Scott Frost who was very honest about everything and about (my son’s) potential at quarterback.”

When not on the gridiron, the 6-foot-5, 185 pound Cunningham Jr. spends his time carving up opponents on the track where 4.6/40 speed and consistent 7-3s in the high jump, place him among the nation’s elite.

“He loved the track side of things too.  He spent some quality time with those coaches and they love his ability as a high jumper.  With Oregon you really just have the best of everything,” said Cunningham Sr.

The younger Cunningham will most likely finish out his prep football career before making his program choice public.

Oregon’s pull on committed recruits is at an all time high as preps seemingly will do anything to see what’s happening in Eugene.  One such player, defensive back Jaleel Wadood (4-Star/Bellflower, CA/Rivals250) recently expressed interest in journeying north to visit the Ducks.

They (Oregon) want me to come up and play receiver,” said Wadood.  “The wide receiver coach is recruiting me.  It definitely sounds exciting to me.  That’s a pretty insane offense up there when you watch them on TV.”

Standing 5-foot-11, 175 pounds, Wadood is lethal in small spaces and racks up big gains when given the opportunity.  While a visit has not been scheduled, look for continued communication from defensive backs coach John Neal as Wadood enters the home stretch of his senior year.

Basketball Recruiting


Oregon’s southwest connections continue to blossom as small forward Joe Burton (4-Star/Humble, TX/Rivals150) took in the spectacle of Matthew Knight Arena.

The trip was very good,” said Burton.  ”It gave me a lot to think about . . .  I really liked it.”

Burton is a rare blend of lanky power (6-foot-6, 205 pounds), a trait that consistently gives him matchup advantages.  A strong finisher, Burton is also no stranger to the jump shot, as his smooth stroke consistently proves effective.

Current Oregon guard Damyean Dotson shares Burton’s home state and proved to be an effective recruiting tool.

“Dot said Oregon really takes care of you and pointed out all the academic help, weight training and support the school gives you,” said Burton.  ”He was just pointing out how everything really is and how good it is.”

The Ducks figure to be strong contenders moving forward in Burton’s recruitment.  Stay tuned!

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