Ducks Head to Stanford Looking for Revenge . . . and Perhaps Venture Capital

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This is the game that everyone has had circled on their calendars for almost a year.  Oregon at Stanford for championship of the North, bragging rights on the coast, and a chance to play the biggest of the big games in January.  Serious analysis of this game has begun, and will continue up to kickoff Thursday night.  On a less serious note:

1.  Stanford is known for being the soul of success in the heart of Silicon Valley.  In fact, land owned by the University is worth 16 billion (yes, with a B) dollars in today’s market:  Ah, yes.  It’s where the elite meet to eat and greet.  A lot of success stories have indeed come out of the minds of Stanford grads.  Of course, mixed in with all of the successes come a few clinkers.

The Condom Keychain.  Where the rubber meets the road.

The Condom Key-chain — where the rubber meets the road.

2.  One of the distinguishing features of Stanford’s campus is Hoover Tower:  This (completely unedited) is what Stanford student Michael Salem had to say about Hoover Tower.  ”Some of us think of it as like, the Tower of Sauron.  In this metaphor, Sather Tower is like, Minas Tirith or Isengard, depending on your perspective.”

Rumor has it that English is also spoken in some corners of the Stanford campus.

Peruse the Sisyphean perpendiculars of the architectural majesty.  Or, as they say at OSU, "Nice silo."

Peruse the Sisyphean perpendiculars of the architectural majesty. Or, as they say at OSU, “Nice silo.”

3.  Leland Stanford founded the University that bears his name because his son was rejected by the Ivy League schools:  Reasons for the rejection are unclear, but here at FishDuck International Studies for Sports and Lingerie, we think we may have the answer.

Poindexter Stanford

Poindexter Stanford

4. Due to an anonymous donation, the Offensive Coordinator at Stanford will now be known as the Andrew Luck Director of Offense.  

Charles Fischer Academy of Wiffle Ball

Charles Fischer Academy of Wiffle Ball

Now this is something to which I can relate.  One of our very own has been similarly recognized in the field of athletic endeavor. Regardless of the peculiarities of Stanford University, otherwise known as the ”Oregon of the South Bay,” the fact is, they have a fine football team.  They should be able to stay within 20 . . . or 30 . . . or . . . well, let’s just say that they have a fine football team and leave it at that.

Go Ducks!






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