Oregon’s Red Carpet Top-5 Match-ups

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Craig Strobeck

Now that we are closing in on the last third of the season, I thought I would take the chance to rank the top 5 match-ups I would like to see for Oregon.  Most of these matchups are unlikely to happen, but a couple of them actually are a possibility.  Having looked at the many teams and what they have done this season, I give you:

5. Oregon vs Arizona State

This game is a definite possibility.  Oregon misses out on playing the Sun Devils in the regular season this year.  ASU, however, is playing some very good football, and are in control their own destiny in the Pac-12 South.  The Sun Devils’ only losses this year are to No. 25 Notre Dame and to No. 5 Stanford — “quality losses,” if you will.  If ASU and Oregon both win out, they will meet in Autzen Stadium for the Pac-12 Championship.

Who is the nation's best QB?

Andrew Shurtleff

Who is the nation’s best QB?

4. Oregon vs Texas A&M

The only way this game is possible is if the Aggies can climb their way back up the rankings to make a BCS Bowl game against Oregon.  This game would feature former Oregon verbal commit Johnny Manziel against current Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.  Up-tempo vs up-tempo, SEC vs Pac-12.  There is no question this game would end zone-to-end zone excitement.

Oregon's next 1,000 yard rusher?

Craig Strobeck

Will Byron Marshall be Oregon’s next 1,000 yard rusher?

3. Oregon vs Baylor

Another game of up-tempo offenses.  If Baylor and Oregon both keep winning, they could potentially end up in a BCS game, even the National Championship Game.  The Bears would need quite a few teams to stumble for that to happen, though.  This would also be another match-up of similar styles, with former Oregon signee RB Lache Seastrunk as the star of the only team that has matched the  Ducks’ offensive production.  Would it be Seastrunk stealing the show, or DAT and Marshall burning the Bears?

After losses, Kansas State and Oregon battled it out.

Courtesy of Fiesta Bowl

After losses, Kansas State and Oregon battled it out in the Fiesta Bowl, not in the NCG.

2. Oregon vs Florida State

Florida State is the only team that currently has a realistic chance of keeping Oregon out of the championship game.  Obviously Alabama would have to lose, and Florida State and the Ducks would have to win out.  Recall last year that Alabama lost, moving Kansas State and Oregon into the top two spots.  Both teams ended up losing that week, but still faced each other in the Fiesta Bowl.  I would love to see how Oregon’s D-line would fare in containing the Seminoles’ “Famous” Jameis Winston, the only player close to Mariota in the Heisman race.

Could Helfrich best Saban?

Andrew Shurtleff

Could Helfrich best Saban?

1. Oregon vs Alabama

I think this game is No. 1 on almost anyone’s list.  This is the game people have been dreaming would happen for the last two years. — and if both teams win out, they will meet in the National Championship . . . period.  Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide vs Mark Helfrich and the Oregon Ducks.  Classic SEC muscle vs new-school Pac-12 flash.  This game would be the ultimate send-off for the BCS system.  A true National Championship that loyal fans of both teams, and football in general, deserve to see.

Those are my top five red carpet match-up nominees for the 2013 football season — list yours in the comment section.


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