College Football Nation: Hot Seats and FSU’s Drastic Unie Change

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This is shaping up to be the summer of the hurry up offense and the attack it has come under.  I am okay with coaches arguing over the possible rule change all summer and taking jabs at each other.  Imagine how much bigger the Iron Bowl will be if Alabama’s Nick Saban and Auburn’s Gus Malzahn have all summer to speak their mind about the possible rule change or the “Saban Rule.”  It should be something fun to watch, while we get ready for spring ball and other events going on.

1)  They did an article on which coaches will be on the hot seat this season.  One of the biggest names is Florida coach Will Muschamp.  An 8-4 finish might still get him fired, depending on where the wins and losses come from.  Everyone is saying the Gators will be playing with reckless abandon and go to the extremes to get the win . . . if you ask me . . . that just sounds like another day at the office for Chip Kelly when he was at Oregon.

But it got me thinking . . . more teams and coaches need to start running their teams like Chip Kelly did.  I love his non-stop, attacking philosophy, going for it on 4th down, 2-point conversion attempts more times than not and ‘score as many points as you can.’ You can even sprinkle in a few of Boise State’s trick plays.  Muschamp will need to go have a little sit-down with Chip to let him know it is okay to not run the ball up the middle every play.  If more teams want to see success on the field I think the hurry up, all-out attack mode Oregon runs is the way to go.

I guess this is me just saying “Thank you, Chip Kelly!”  He showed everyone that you can coach a football team like it is a video game and have major success.  Sign me up for the next coaching clinic he will be putting on.  Here are a few ideas for trick plays for Muschamp — and the other coaches on the hot seat — who may not be able to come up with anything else this fall:

2) Oregon’s uniforms are now “tastefully conservative” compared to these “possible” options next year for teams such as FSU and Miami.  I think one of my favorite parts of the summer outside of the “gossip” and random news is people submitting new uniform ideas and schools possibly running with it.  Heaven forbid the Hawaii “Rainbow” Warriors get bored and start redoing their uniforms this summer.

3)  Duck Dynasty is in the headlines again.  This time for becoming the major sponsor of the Independence Bowl.  It should be interesting seeing how they handle the bowl game and the activities.  For their bowl “swag” they will get a duck whistle, a stuffed duck, and some camouflage outfits.  I wonder if any other TV shows will try to sponsor a bowl game?  Maybe Pawn Stars can take the Las Vegas Bowl.  I am still holding out that Olive Garden sponsors a bowl game and calls it “The Salad Bowl.”  As long as the bowl game is exciting like the Chik-Fil-A Bowl was this year, I don’t care who is sponsoring it.

Stories to keep an eye on this summer include Northwestern’s players and their efforts to unionize their players — and the O’Bannon vs the NCAA lawsuit gaining some momentum.  Oh, and Duke had their spring game this weekend — it was a little something to help hold us all over until we get to see our team play in the spring.


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