College Football Nation: It Pays to Cheat and “Roll Tide” Officer

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Finally some more news to talk about thanks to the PAC-12, ACC, and BIG-12 all stepping up to the plate and holding their media days. We have commissioners telling us cheating is okay, coaches saying it is okay to steal and so much more. It was an eventful week.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby fired off at the NCAA that nothing is happening to those who are cheating. He basically told everyone that schools are cheating, some are even getting caught, and the NCAA is barely giving them a smack on the wrist … (Miami)!

I think the NCAA must have their hands full with all the lawsuits pending against them so they aren’t worrying too much about anything else. We will see if they respond to this jab anytime soon. While you’re thinking about that, let’s take a look at some highlights from an NCAA violator who did get caught and punished:

I have come to think that Alabama fans are the most die-hard fans around. What makes me think that is, no matter what the situation, they express their loyalty to the team. Here are some clips of “Roll Tide” quotes  from people who were in the public light for all the wrong reasons but still let everyone know they were Alabama fans.

A little more fire has been added to the SEC vs PAC-12 rivalry. Yes, there is not much there except that former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel called out the SEC for their cupcake schedules. No big news here but it’s always nice to remind the nation that the SEC rolls out Alabama vs Western Carolina or LSU vs Sam Houston State. Just because the SEC is scheduling cupcakes … doesn’t necessary guarantee a win … ask Florida or Ole Miss.

Jimbo Fisher took the time this week to let everyone know that for his star QB, Jameis Winston, shoplifting was just a misunderstanding. I agree with him … sure … when you take food out of store and you don’t pay for it … it was just a mess up … I’m sure that happens all the time … NOT! Hey Jimbo, let Winston’s lawyer defend him and you stick to the X’s and O’s. We all know you need him for Week 1 and then he can be suspended once ACC play starts. Winston is a perfect example of your typical “I am a football player at a major university and I am above the law and everything else” type of player. If FSU is not doing so well this season … who will really care about defending him if he gets in trouble again?

Down in Texas everyone is getting to know Charlie Strong really well. Sports Illustrated had a great write up about who he is and what he represents. A lot of his players need to read the article so they know where he is coming from when it comes to obeying team rules. This last week Strong dismissed four players from his Texas team and disciplined a few more. A major culture change is going on down there and I think the fans and players have to be patient since it will pay off in the long run.

Any guesses on how the Longhorns do under Strong’s first-year leadership? Looking at Texas’ schedule, I see it going two ways … they win early and often … and everyone is happy … or by the time they are finished playing Oklahoma, they could be 2-3. The eyes of Texas will be upon Charlie Strong and his team come kickoff time.

We had a lot of interesting news and topics come out this past media week. I encourage you all to take a little more time to dig deeper into some of the interviews and news from the PAC-12, BIG 12, and ACC media days. We are just a little more than a month away from kickoff. Week 1 will provide some great action as top teams such as Wisconsin takes on LSU and FSU heads to Dallas to play Oklahoma State. That will be a great way to greet College Football 2014!



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