Michigan State/Oregon game-radio interview with Mr. FishDuck!

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Mr. Hondo Carpenter of the website SpartanNation.com contacted me for an interview about the upcoming Michigan State-Oregon football game on September 6th. This website has a network of television and radio stations it is associated with. There are improvements I can make, but considering I am not a radio professional — I thought it went well. My game plan is get interviewed out of state, while I learn this part of promoting the site so no one outside of FishDuck.com readers will hear the “early days” of doing interviews!

This was played this last week in numerous stations within their network that projected the interview into Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as in Michigan. It was kinda fun!

I know there are some media professionals out there as readers, and if you have some advice to offer me … please email me —  charles@fishduck.com — and let me know. THANKS.


Photo at top from the FishDuck.com instructional video “Oregon’s Bizarre Radar-Psycho-Times-Square Zone Blitz!”

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