Northwest Schools to Introduce New Fight Songs!

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Did you hear the news? Due to the flap over the Washington Redskins’ moniker and the onrush of political correctness everywhere, all major college programs are going to be assigned new fight songs. No longer will the U-Dub band be allowed to play “Tequila.”  Washington State won’t be able to play “Fight, Fight, Fight, for Washington State.”  OSU won’t be able to play their, um, fight song.

This is big news and not likely to be taken well by fans who appreciate the tradition that came with the songs they have known for years. The NCAA, in announcing the change, promised to select music which truly reflects the spirit of the university in question., in secret negotiations with people who chose to remain anonymous,

Don't tell a soul, but his name rhymes with Bark Schlemmert

Don’t tell a soul, but his name rhymes with Bark Schlemmert

received advance notification of the music that has been chosen for the northwestern portion of the Pac-12 North. We at Fish Almighty don’t like change anymore than the next wildly successful multinational powerhouse. But all in all we think the NCAA did a pretty good job.

Washington State University:  The NCAA is an avid reader of (Well, duh). A couple of weeks ago we did a Saturday examination of WSU Head Coach Mike Leach. In that wonky football piece, we brought to light Coach Leach’s on-camera review of his Texas Tech Red Raiders and how they were beholden to “their fat little girlfriends.” The NCAA then made their musical selection.

University of Washington:  The Huskies promised to be good long after Don James took his cheating ways to the retirement home. The Huskies promised to be good when they hired the hottest young name in coaching in Rick Neuheisel. The Huskies promised to be good when Steve Sarkisian coined “Bark for Sark.” The Huskies promised to be good when Sarkisian jettisoned “the best defensive coordinator in the country” in Nick Holt. Now the Huskies promise to be good again, this time under Chris Petersen. The NCAA took notice of a pattern when they gave the Dogs their new song.

Oregon State University: Both Oregon State fans of high I.Q. will admit that the Beavers haven’t been able to get out of their own way for … well … most of their existence. Yet, in spite of consecutive losing seasons that rival those of the Washington Generals, OSU has a small group of devoted fans that climb the steps of that rickety stadium and wave the Halloween colors. The NCAA appreciates the ardor shown by those naked few stalwarts. The song that was given to Oregon State?

The University of Oregon:  It will take a while for the Oregon faithful to embrace any song that isn’t “Mighty Oregon.” The FishDuck summer golf tournament was at Bandon Dunes last week and even the Fish Folks were struggling with the concept. But change is inevitable in life and we did get a pretty cool song.  Oregon stands astride the other schools in our region. Why is that?  It’s in our song.  This fall, and every fall, at Autzen Stadium we will soon be …

Go Ducks, in whatever key you need us to sing.

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