Practice Makes Perfect: A Sunday report from Cameron Hunt.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014: Morning Practice Report.

Cameron Hunt had his head held high after this morning’s practice. On the way to the locker room, he had time to give us an insight of today’s practice in this special sports news report.

Post practice interview with Cameron Hunt.

Ashley Young

Post practice interview with Cameron Hunt.

“You can see it throughout the practice… You practice like you play. If you have a great week of practice, you’re going to have a great game. Last week we didn’t really have a great week — it wasn’t up to our standard. But today we had a really good practice; I think we got a lot better today. It’s not going to be a slow start again like last year.” Practice makes perfect. We hear this day in and day out. Sure the football atmosphere on a Saturday is a lot different than on any other day of the week. But what football comes down to is ultimately just football. Blocking out all the distractions of crowd noise and cameras comes down to how you play on game day, and it starts with practice.”

Hunt, 78, lined up ready to block against Wyoming.

Kevin Cline

Hunt, 78, lined up ready to block against Wyoming.

After an eye-opening, heart pounding week at WSU, the Ducks now look to their next opponent the Arizona Wildcats. I’m sure a lot of fans are trying to forget our last meeting with Arizona, with Ducks losing 16-42. Hunt puts the team’s mindset in a different, more uplifting perspective. “Whenever we go up to WSU or down to Arizona, they always play us tough. We’ve just got to be mentally prepared. If we do our assignments and do our job then they’ll have a tough time beating us.” The Ducks are determined to have a different outcome this Thursday against the Wildcats at Autzen.

Ashley Young
Reporter for CFF Network/
Eugene, Oregon

Top photo by Steve Francis

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