Recruiting Update: Murray Still in Play?

Football Recruiting


Around four months ago, I had a conversation with an Oregon fan who’s very much in the know. Quarterback Kyler Murray (4-Star/Allen, TX/Rivals100) had just committed to Texas A&M and my mood was shot. That someone, however, told me not to fret as Murray was “still in play” and to keep a close watch on the shifty gunslinger. With a hint of optimism, I moved on with my day.

We’re now in late September and with it, the slow ease into fall. Could the creep of the seasons be indicative of Murray’s mood? With Oregon’s bye week comes a frantic mid-season recruiting push and one of offensive coordinator Scott Frost’s first stops was none other Murray’s Dallas-area home.

While not much information is known about this recent meeting, there’s no plausibility to the thought that Oregon would keep a recruiting rapport open if there wasn’t a mutual exchange of interest. My aforementioned friend in the know is no doubt grinning this morning upon reading this as his clairvoyance was well-founded.

Reading between the lines, Texas A&M’s success may end up damning their hold on Murray as he no doubt wants a shot at starting from Day 1. Sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill is no where near relinquishing that role and may indeed prove to be the hinge point that swings Murray’s eventual landing spot to Eugene, stay tuned!

Basketball Recruiting


Head coach Dana Altman continues to plug away on the recruiting trail to get an early start with the Class of 2015. Last week, he, along with assistant Tony Stubblefield were in the home of shooting guard Christian James (3-Star/Bellaire, TX/Rivals150).

(Altman) loves tough guys,” said James. “He loves competitors. That’s why he came down to see me today. He feels like I can be a big part of the Ducks.”

At 6’4″, 180 lbs, James fits Oregon’s fast paced offense to a T and would give the Ducks a great open court scoring option. In addition, James’s passing prowess is well documented, making him an ideal distributor when moving through plays.

James is currently undergoing rehab on a fractured tibia and will be visiting Eugene as soon as he is medically cleared to do so.

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