A Flock of Eagles Coming to Eugene this Saturday

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Oregon Ducks Football Practice Report: October 16th

The Ducks took the practice field on Thursday and had their traditional walk-through for Saturday’s game against the hard-hitting Washington Huskies.

According to Rob Moseley of GoDucks.com, as the Ducks practiced at walk-through speed, a few familiar faces were seen in the crowd. The Philadelphia Eagles have a bye week this week, which allowed two former Ducks to attend practice. Former Oregon linebacker Michael Clay and defensive tackle Wade Keliikipi watched as the Ducks walked through their game plan. A few other Ducks turns Eagles are expected to be at the game on Saturday.

Wade Keliikipi says that the atmosphere with the Eagles and what he experienced with the Ducks is very similar. “It’s the same culture, the same schemes,” he said. “With a lot of Oregon staff and Oregon players there, (Philadelphia) it feels like you never left.”

Although former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly finds himself 2,881 miles away from Eugene, Oregon these days, he had no problem adding Ducks to his flock of Eagles. Philadelphia’s active roster currently includes six former Ducks, while Kelly’s coaching staff consists of eight coaches with Oregon roots.

The former Oregon linebacker said that he’s learned a lot since he joined the Eagles’ coaching staff. “All these guys have so much experience, from the coordinators to Chip (Kelly) to the position coaches,” Clay said. “I’m just a sponge, trying to absorb everything they’re saying and build my own template.”

Top Photo by David Pyles

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