Any Where and Any Time, Devon Allen and the Ducks are Ready to Play

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Let’s be real, the Ducks have one of the most dynamic offenses throughout the NCAA. Their ability to rapidly put points on the board causes opponents to feel as if it would be impossible to pull off a comeback. Credit is due where credit is deserved, and it’s always pivotal to point out the certain individuals that fuel that Ducks offense. Yes, the one and only Marcus Mariota is our true stud on offense. But be that as it may, wide receiver and redshirt freshman Devon Allen has started the 2014 season flashing a scary combination of speed and intensity.

On Monday October 20th during an interview for at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, Caleb Couturie asked Devon Allen several questions on how he felt about the overall performance of the Ducks this year.

Devon Allen- Wide Receiver

Devon Allen- Wide Receiver

When asked about the spreading of the football on offense, Devon Allen expressed how it’s “cool to see everybody get into the end zone and have some fun”. Plus, Allen added that “because of our high-power offense it makes it hard for any defense” to stop them. This answer reveals to the football world that everyone on the team is getting along and most importantly building chemistry with one another. The Ducks statistically have proven that they’re able to compete and be balanced offensively. However, being confident and comfortable in the Oregon Ducks offense allows players to truly flourish.

Finally, when asked about his view on this week’s match up with Cal, Allen emphasized that “this is a big game” for them. Indeed, it is Devon.

The Golden Bears are not the same team they were last year, in fact they’re much better. Also, it’s evident that the Ducks secondary has not been playing to the potential all of us were expecting. Thus, for the Bears to best the high-flying Ducks, Cal’s quarterback Jared Goff will not necessarily need to perform flawlessly. For Oregon, every game is an important game here on out. With that in mind, the Ducks know they only have so many opportunities left in order to not only compete  for a National Championship, but also to thrill the College Football Playoff Committee. If the Ducks can make it in, I can see them winning it all. But, for this dream to come true, it all starts with chemistry and making sure that everybody is ready to play.

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