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Sports reporter and writer, Caleb Couturie, had the opportunity to catch up with Arik Armstead at the Hatfield-Dowling Complex.

Over the past few seasons, the Ducks and the Cardinal have formed quite an epic rivalry. This week, Oregon arguably faces one of their toughest opponents this season in Stanford; however, the Ducks had a long week to prepare and just as importantly, are able to bring back some key players. Defensive end Arik Armstead, who didn’t make the trip to Levi Stadium last week due to an injury, spoke about topics regarding his status, Stanford, and oddly enough, the Lakers this season.

When asked about his overall status going into this week’s match-up against the Cardinal, Armstead emphasized that he’ll “be good this week. So, I’m ready to play.” Now that’s a great mentality for any football player, always ready for action and determined to play hard, play fast, and ultimately play together with all of his brothers on the field.

Armstead was asked about if he prepares for Stanford by watching film of their previous games. He said that the team had watched film of the Cardinal and noticed that “they’re still similar in some ways and they have added a new element to the offense, which is more passing.” This is a big red flag for Duck fans. The Ducks secondary has not been performing to their best ability this year causing some controversy, but with Armstead’s return, the Ducks will have more manpower on the defense. With Stanford’s lack of a solid run game, Armstead and other defensive players will be able to focus on Standford QB, Kevin Hogan and disrupt the passing game.

DE Arik Armstead is ready to go all-out against Stanford this Saturday

DE Arik Armstead is ready to go all-out against Stanford this Saturday 

Finally, when asked about the Los Angeles Lakers this season and if they were going to make the playoffs, Armstead hesitated, then sadly said that “the way they looked last night, I don’t think so. But, we’ll see, maybe they can make some trades or something.” I’m with you right there Armstead. As a Laker fan, it’s tough to see them play, especially since they’ve been losing lately. In a way, Laker fans have been spoiled into thinking that “We can beat everybody”. At the end of the day, both Armstead and I are on the same page with the feeling of disappointment when asked about the Lakers.

With only two days left, Arik Armstead and the Ducks need to getting ready for Hogan and the Cardinal. The eagerness and intensity that Armstead has in terms of getting back on the field is evident. However, the only question I have is: Do the rest of Ducks have same intensity and eagerness as Armstead?


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