Catching Up with Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost reporters Caleb Couturie and Omar Garibay-Diaz were able to catch up with offensive coordinator, Scott Frost, today at the Hatfield-Dowling complex to get his take on how the offense has been performing.

After Saturday’s demolition of the Huskies the number one player on most Duck fans’ minds was Royce Freeman because of his 29 carries for 169 yards and four touchdowns. Don’t let the Huskies know, but that wasn’t Frost’s original game plan. “We didn’t go into the game thinking he’d get that many [touches], circumstances dictated that”. After rushing for 290 yards and six touchdowns the last two weeks Frost and the rest of the staff are ready to “shoulder him with whatever load we need to, to get the job done”.

Mariota passed 10,000 all purpose yards in his career against the Huskies

Kevin Cline

Mariota passed 10,000 all purpose yards for his career in Saturdays game

Of course we wanted to know what Frost thought about the play of the  record setting, Heisman candidate, quarterback Marcus Mariota. He talked about how Mariota has improved his skills as the leader of the team. He’s more vocal and has sharpened his passing accuracy this season by adjusting his feet better while he is in the pocket.

The offensive line has been the hottest topic this season for the Ducks, and Frost was able to give us some insight on the anchor of the offensive unit. “They’re gonna be really important every game, when we can start off the game running it well, the whole game plan is open,” he said.  A big boost to the line has been the play of guard Doug Brenner who has been moved around to fill holes “He’s a smart kid so he can play more than one spot… he gives us one more guy we can play.”  The flexibility and play- making abilities of Brenner and the rest of the offensive line are sure to play a key role this Friday at Cal.


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