For the Ducks, Communication is Key

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Last night, the Ducks played under the NFL lights in the new Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. From what I saw, the crowd colors were not all blue and yellow as there was a sea of green and yellow Ducks fans screaming “O” at the game. The Ducks came out on top with a 59-41 victory over the Cal Bears.

Royce Freeman (21) using his block to the outside.

John Guistina

Royce Freeman (21) using his block to the outside.

This score may or may not increase your confidence in the Ducks. First off, the Ducks offense put up 59 points. Wow. However, the defense gave up 41. Did Cal’s offense lead by Sophomore QB Jared Goff play a great game? Or was our defense struggling to find their footing? I would like to hear some thoughts on what you, the loving Ducks fan, thought of the game?

We keep hearing the Ducks are working on their on-field communication on both sides of the ball. Did it show in last night’s game against Cal? What do you think the Ducks need to work on this week in practice in order to prepare for their next game against defensive powerhouse Stanford?

Bralon Addison (11) runs down the sideline after beating one defender.

Craig Strobeck

Bralon Addison (11) runs down the sideline after beating one defender.

See you Saturday Ducks fans.

 Top Photo: Kevin Cline

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