Hate week is just another week according to Helfrich

In a interview with Ashley Young of Fishduck.com on Thursday, Coach Helfrich talked about this week’s game.

This Saturday’s matchup against the Washington Huskies will prove to be a challenge for Oregon. After holding their own against UCLA last Saturday, Oregon’s offensive line will have to top that performance this weekend. Washington’s defense, which is led by linebacker Shaq Thompson and defensive tackle Danny Shelton, has shown a great deal of toughness and tenacity. The Huskies have accumulated 24 sacks this season, which is tied for third in the country. Shelton is responsible for seven of those sacks, while Thompson has compiled five defensive touchdowns, which hasn’t been done by an individual player in over 10 years.

“He’s a stud,” Helfrich said when asked about Washington’s standout defensive tackle. “He’s not just big. There are some guys that are just big and you could do certain things to them. He’s playing a lot more snaps and he’s a much more complete player.”

Coach Helfrich understands the talent and explosiveness that the Huskies possess on defense and he knows that the Ducks must be prepared. “They (Washington) have always been extremely talented,” he said. “Five of their front seven are seniors so we’ve seen those guys a ton. They have an extremely talented group of guys and a great secondary, too.”

While Oregon students have dubbed this week  ”Husky Hate Week” and even though social media has been reminding Washington fans that the Huskies haven’t beat the Ducks in 10 years, coach Helfrich says that he’s treated this week just like any other week. “Our guys know that Washington is going to bring it for many reasons and the only thing you can do is prepare for your best and getting better every week and that’s the true formula,” Helfrich said. “You can’t get up for one week and fall flat the next week and get beat. We’ve approached it the same way.”

Oregon will look to accept Washington’s challenge this Saturday.

Top photo by Craig Strobeck


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