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Last week I looked at the advantage the match-up at home gave the Ducks against the Huskies. This week’s game in California isn’t a home game for the Ducks, but its looking as if  it won’t be for the Golden Bears either. Friday night’s game is going to be played at the home of the San Francisco 49ers, the new billion dollar Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

The Giants will be playing game three of the World Series that night in San Francisco so the city has a nice distraction from a Golden Bears team that is losing its grip on the Pac-12 race. Students will find it difficult to make the nearly 50 mile drive south through rush hour and World Series traffic to support a team that is coming off two tough losses after a promising 4-1 start to the season.

Ken Goe of “The Oregonian noted that the “The Bay Area never in my memory has been an area that embraced major college athletics unless the local teams were contending. Sometimes not even then”.In addition to an alumni chapter in the Bay Area that will be sure to make their way to a Pac-12 North match-up, Groupon was offering deals for tickets for the game in order to try to fill the 75,000 possible seats. A quick glance through some of the Duck’s fans message boards showed that we couldn’t wait to jump on that train. it looks as though the Ducks will have plenty of fan support.

Scott Frost and the offense bringing their own emotion Friday

Kevin Cline

Scott Frost and the offense will be bringing their own emotion Friday

Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost told us earlier this week that he wasn’t expecting a big turnout for the game and is telling the offense that they are going to have to “bring their own emotion”. We are in for a high flying affair with both teams averaging over 40 ppg-  Oregon (43.6 ppg), Cal (41.6 ppg). Friday night’s brawl between these two potent offenses,will give the Ducks a chance to get their feet wet on the same stage the Pac-12 Championship game will be played upon.


Top photo from Kevin Cline


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