Mariota Makes and Misses UO History

Put it in the books Coach, we’ve got a record-breaker in the building!

Marcus Mariota never ceases to amaze me as the season continues. After this past weekend’s game against the Washington Huskies, Mariota has pushed the Ducks streak of points in each game by a pass play to 60 straight games. A new Pac-12 record!

Not only did Mariota create a new Pac-12 record, but he went down in the University of Oregon’s history this weekend too. Mariota has 10,055 total offensive career yards, making him the first to pass the 10,000 yard mark. He also eclipsed the 8,000 yard mark in career passing with 8,299 yards. Could there possibly be any other major and historical accomplishments to be made?

There is, in fact, one more record that was just barely out of reach for Mariota. He is just 45 yards away from becoming the new leader for UO football in most passing yards for a career. Mariota is sure to lock-down this record; he needs only three yards to take Danny O’Neil’s second place spot and 45 yards to replace Bill Musgrave for most overall career passing yards.

What a roll this guy is on and we still have 5 more regular-season games to go. Yesterday I talked about how Mariota said he hasn’t really thought much about the NFL and his “someday” and I think that the above information is supportive to the testament that he is focused on the here and now.

I look forward to many different things for Mariota as a fan and as a person and I respect the polite and mature composure he always has, on or off the field. I am always eager to see what he’s gonna bring to every game and how he’s going to lead his team to the best of his ability and can’t wait to see what that entails this weekend as they head down to face the Cal Bears.

Top Photo by Craig Strobeck

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